Breeding Cycle(3)

By: T.A. Grey

She plumped and squeezed her aching breasts and watched the blonde get on her knees to suck on Tony’s stiff cock. Sarina parted her legs, already wet and ready to go. The woman moaned and bobbed over the thick, long cock. Tony petted her breasts gently, shaping and tugging them. There was no passion in his touch, just a casual nonchalance. Sarina wanted to tell him how to really pleasure the blonde, but instead bit her lip and watched as he licked a path down to her hard nipples. He sucked the tips hard, his cheeks hollowing before massaging the oversized tits.

Sarina rubbed her own nipples in time with Tony. She moaned, her hips jerking in need. Biting her lip, she almost fast-forwarded the movie to get to what she wanted. She refused to give in though. She would hold out until Tony did.

Tony stood and positioned the blonde on a wide wooden desk. He filled her in one hard stroke, and Sarina and the blonde moaned at the same time. In that moment, she wanted to kill that acting woman. Sarina touched her skin, rubbed her soft hands over the smooth skin of her stomach, over her quivering thighs, but always stayed out of reach of her pussy. She stopped over her inner thighs and squeezed just as Tony plowed into the blonde in long, steady strokes. His muscular ass tightened and flexed as he worked his cock in and out.

Sarina rubbed around her thong. She caressed it with her fingertips and felt her wetness through the thing material. She didn’t remove the thong, though. She told herself it was because that’s how she always acted this out, but inside she knew what it really was. It was because she knew she’d dive straight for her pussy and finish the unbearable ache that was there.

Tony thrust faster, and spread the blonde’s long legs wide open. Sarina knew this part by heart. He was going to come soon, and so would she.

Pulling out of the blonde, he repositioned her to bend over the desk. He took the time to spread her cheeks wide and slap them until they turned pink, and then he plunged his cock back into her.

Sarina quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and let her legs fall wide open. She plunged her fingers over her soft lips to smother them in her hot cream. She brushed over her clit and moaned. In quick response, her hips jumped at the sensation. Breathing unsteadily, Sarina watched as Tony pounded into the moaning porn star, grunting and groaning in his own pleasure. He still wore his tie; it slapped against his chest as he moved.

Using her left hand, she pushed two fingers inside of her, sighing at the feeling. It wasn’t nearly long enough, wide enough and they were only her fingers, but still they felt amazing. She pumped those fingers just as Tony pumped into the woman. Her right hand found her clitoris and began to rub the ultra-sensitive bud with slow, steady circles. Her pussy clenched on her thrusting fingers as if they were trying to stop them.

Tony fucked the woman harder. He wrapped a fist into her long hair and rode her as his balls slapped loudly against her wet flesh. He began grunting with each hard thrust.

“Fuuuuuck,” he said hoarsely.

Sarina wasted no time. She pushed on her clit and rubbed furiously while plunging her fingers into her creamy pussy over and over. The blonde screamed what was probably a fake orgasm and shook her head back and forth as her eyes closed. Tony slammed into her one last time, then pulled out and spreading his legs wide as he grasped his wet cock and stroked the hard flesh. Grunting, he grabbed his ball sac in a strong hand and rolled them around as the blonde moaned and shook her ass at him.

Sarina’s breath froze in her lungs as her body seized and her orgasm jolted through her body like lightning. Tony came, his come shooting hot streams onto the blonde’s raised ass. Sarina rubbed her clit hard as her body shook and shivered with her explosive climax. Her hips bucked as pleasure tore through her. It faded just as quickly, leaving her feeling exhausted.

Slowing her rubs, her eyes hooded, she watched the blonde turn around to suck some leftover come off Tony’s cock. Sarina shivered again and tried to stay her trembling legs. The movie went to the credits and Sarina collapsed loosely against the couch.

Chapter 2

Vane Kategan paced back and forth across his study. Unrest was growing in the pack. Pack members have complained that he needed to find a mate and start breeding. Easier said than done. Vane stuffed his big form into a chair and ran a rough hand through his hair.

He knew they were right. He was the Alpha. As the strongest of the pack, it was his responsibility to provide heirs in case of his death. The only problem with that was none of the women in the pack interested him. He’d dated several of them and even a few outside the pack. But still his beast refused to mate with them. And he couldn’t force such a close connection. They were all unacceptable. Irresponsible, neglectful, boring, and selfish, he, and his wolf refused to consent to his pack having a poor leader. Those with the more positive qualities either didn’t connect with him or were already taken. Besides, the women needed a strong female to influence them, and he needed a queen for both the pack and him.

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