Breeding Cycle(2)

By: T.A. Grey

Coming into the room, he looked around, then sniffed the air. Big hands tightened into fists, and his expression grew angrier. She had the sudden urge to cower and hide. “You’re breeding cycle is too close. Were you not even going to tell me?” Eyes widening, she clasped her hands together. Having the breeding cycle so close was what drove her to have such vivid dreams.

“I was.”

She bowed her head, but he continued as if her answer didn’t matter. “This is your twenty-second year, Sarina. Your breeding cycle is growing more powerful every year.” He stalked to her with angry strides. “You are a female of status. You can’t just take any male, Sarina. You were stupid to let yourself get this close. Any longer and you’d be humping the butler.” He ran a hand through his long hair and took a deep breath. “Need I remind you of your status? Of your importance to the lykaen race?” Averting his angry gaze, she stared down at the dark wood floors. A blush stole over her face, betraying her shame.

At the sight, his voice softened and his features gentled. “For your safety, I’m sending you to the cabin. You will have no personal guard. We can’t risk a pregnancy by a guardsman. Right?” he said, his eyes seeing straight into her. She nodded.

“Of course. I’m sorry, father.”

“You weren’t wrong, Sarina. But something terrible could have happened if you started your breeding cycle here.” He sighed as if the world was on his shoulders. “We cannot risk you having a babe with just anyone. We are member of the Pride and it is our duty to-

To ensure the exceptional health and breeding of the Lykaen species, she finished the lecture in her head.

“To ensure the exceptional health and breeding of the Lykaen species. Until I find a suitable male of breeding this must be the way of things. Pack everything you will need for a week. You will have to stay there alone. I can’t chance leaving the guards with you. The sooner the better.”

“A week alone will actually be much appreciated father. I can use the time to finish up those books that have been stacking up,” she said pointing at her teetering stack of novels. It was a bald face lie, too.

Her father gave the closest thing to a smile she’d seen in awhile and turned to leave. Sarina had to fight to not let the tears fall.

“Be ready in an hour. Your ride will be waiting.”

Waiting until after the door closed behind him, Sarina collapsed into a chair. Her father had no clue how hard it was enduring her cycle alone. The pain. It was so excruciating she pondered offing herself the year before. She covered her face with her hands, rocking herself, until the unspent tears went away. She refused to cry over her father or her responsibilities. Shaking off her unhappiness, she forced a cool smile and packed her belongings.

Another week in tortured agony? She couldn’t wait.

* * *

Sarina sat on the edge of her temporary bed in her father’s expensive country cabin. She gripped the soft comforter as she worked to steady her breaths. Her breasts were aching, heavy, and her nipples hard points. She gasped at the softness of the comforter underneath her hands. She released it quickly, unable to stand the fantastic sensations.

Her breeding cycle was rapidly approaching. Within a few short hours, she would be in full heat. Her eyes shut in ecstasy as her pussy dampened with cream. The breeding cycle brought such unbelievable feelings to her body. Now that she was older, she understood why her father sent her miles away from any man--because she’d never wanted a cock so badly. Each year the pressure inside her grew stronger, more powerful. Her pussy begged to be filled. It was harder and harder to say no, to not go looking for a man.

Closing her eyes, Sarina forced herself to keep her mind away from men, and away from the burning need within her. She would be a slave to it soon enough.

Grabbing her night satchel, she went down to the kitchen. Each step felt like a finger was teasing the outer edge of her panties. She was panting by time she reached the end of the stairs. Walking unsteadily in her heels, she went and poured a glass of red wine. Then another.

And another.

She kicked off her heels and sauntered to the living room, feeling more in control. She turned on the TV and put in the special DVD she’d brought along.

The sofa cushions were soft against her back. A feathery, teasing sensation that made her want to roll in it. She hit play on the remote. The star of the movie, Tony, came on stage wearing absolutely nothing, and her hands strayed to her breasts. The material of her top blocked her from skin-to-skin contact, so she leaned forward to pull that and her skirt off. Sarina relaxed back into the cushions and watched as Tony started sucking the breasts of a busty blonde. It wasn’t quite deliveryman and typical slut, but it was close. More like boss and employee.

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