Breeding Cycle(10)

By: T.A. Grey

The urge to lift her up and push his cock into her was so compelling he had to call upon every ounce of his strength to keep from doing so.

Let her be in control.

 He didn’t want to scare her off. But with each teasing stroke, each loving caress over his chest, and each breathy gasp as she rocked herself to heaven he grew that much closer to taking over. To sliding in and pumping her full of cock and hot cum.

“Ride my cock. Now Sarina!” he demanded, his hands finding the perfect flesh of her bobbing breasts. She quivered over his cock, straining to get her release. God, she was so sexy, so beautiful above him. A sexy little nymph all for him.

“Oh!” she sang, her skin growing tight and thighs shaking with the coming release. She ignored Vane’s request and rubbed herself faster over him.

It was so much more, he was so much more than she’d ever thought possible, than she’d ever imagined. All thoughts receded from her mind.

She rode his cock hard and fast. Pussy slipping against groin, nails biting into hard chest, breaths scattering into the night.

Vane’s eyes glazed over in red. Big hands squeezed and released her hips in a pulsing rhythm. He could feel her release coming like a wave ready to crash over.

“God damn, Sarina. I’m going to explode so fucking hard.” It might have been his words, or his scorching touch, or the last bump over her clit, but she came.

The pressure in her body exploded, and she screamed into the night. Her body froze, then jerked violently as she came in rolling hot waves.

Vane didn’t stand a chance. Her pussy gushed cream over his cock and her little tremors of release milked him.


Unable to finish the word as his eyes closed in mindless pleasure, he squeezed her hips and rubbed her furiously over his cock until, shuddering, jets of hot semen splashed across his stomach. He couldn’t stop the hoarse shout that escaped him, couldn’t seem to find enough air. He wanted more of her. Wanted her pussy quivering over his cock again, but deep inside her instead.

Sarina dropped over her him, a sexy smile on her face. They fought to catch their breaths together, sweaty bodies intertwined in the best kind of embrace.

Vane wrapped two deliciously strong arms around her. When her eyes opened some minutes later, Vane felt as though he’d been hit in the gut. Her eyes adoringly traced over his features still wearing that soft, pleasured smile. Vane kissed her thoroughly unable to stand her adoring looks anymore. He’d never felt anything like that before. Pleasure like this is said only to come from lykaen mates. He tasted her lips with slow, drugging kisses.

She will be his queen.

Chapter 7

Vane lifted Sarina back through the window. Not without a few lingering touches and spanks first. They were both laughing by time he pulled himself through it.

His laughter died when he was graced with the full beautiful sight of perfect breasts. As if he hadn’t just exploded, his cock lengthened to a raging point.

Sarina’s eyes watched it grow with wide eyes. It was all he could do not to push her back on the floor and rut with her like an animal. He knew she wanted it to, her swollen pussy was begging for a cock. She needed it. The breeding cycle was meant for a woman to be penetrated and released in. Though, he was relying on the orgasms he planned to give her to help break her down and submit to him.

She looked away as he stood, tall, naked, and proud like the Alpha he was. “I’m going to grab my clothes and pack from outside and clean up. I’ll be right back.” He watched her, trying to read her response, even as proof of his pleasure slid down his chest.

“I won’t lock you out. Promise.” Her lips twitched with a smile, but her eyes locked on to his semen-covered chest. She wetted her lips.

Abruptly Vane grabbed her and pulled her off the floor. Staring into her eyes with a passion and purpose that made her heart flutter wildly he said, “That couldn’t keep me out.”

And then he kissed her hard. His tongue roamed free in the wet cavern of her mouth, and she didn’t hesitate to rub her much smaller tongue back.

He pulled away and left.

Sarina pulled back on her clothes. So this was what moving too fast felt like. She grinned. It felt great. She would just have to make sure her father didn’t find out. If I just don’t have sex, Vane can help me to bear the cycle like never before. No more constant wanting, horrible pain, and tears from being too weak to pleasure herself anymore. Vane was here and he could help.

When her stomach growled, she went to the kitchen to prepare some food. She remembered her first breeding cycle. One moment she’d been fine, just edgier than normal, and the next her body craved sex with such intensity she was forced to tears. Only her toys eased her during that week. It was miserable. She barely made it, too weak to even rub herself to orgasm. She hated every minute of it. After a while it stopped being pleasurable. She’d lived through that for three cycles, but not this year.

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