Breeding Cycle

By: T.A. Grey
The Kategan Alphas 1

Chapter 1

Sarina parted her lips and sucked on the guard’s cock. Jackson closed his eyes in pleasure, his head falling back loosely. Her lips closed tightly around the velvety flesh and tongued a wet path down it. Jackson fisted her hair in two big fists.

Strong, chafed hands grabbed her naked hips, squeezed in sensual promise. Sarina’s core throbbed with arousal at the unspoken threat. The hard cock in her mouth rocked, and she felt the familiar hard nudge against her wet slit. Moaning she pushed back, begging.

“Damn, Sarina. You’re so fucking hot,” said the deep, gruff voice from behind her. Jacob had very special talents, one of which he was about to put to use. His strong hands left her hips to cover her breasts. Sure fingers tugged her nipples until she squirmed against the cock that rested against her entrance.

Jackson made sure she didn’t forget her job by thrusting home in the hot heat of her mouth. She suctioned her mouth, pulling hard on the skin of his cock. He tugged her hair in response or warning, she didn’t know which.

Jacob fit himself to her and pushed in, filling her full. He didn’t waste any time, he knew what they both wanted and pounded into her tight channel.

Sarina lost herself in the sensual fog. Salty seed leaked over her tongue, making her suck harder. Grunting at the feathery sensation, Jackson thrust his thick cock into the wet heat of her mouth with unabashed pleasure.

Her pussy constricted with the onslaught of her orgasm. Jacob growled in response and hammered into her with hard, drilling thrusts. Heat swarmed over her body, drawing her skin tight as a bowstring. He captured her hips in a tight grasp. She couldn’t escape. She had only one choice, to open her mouth and legs and take what they gave her.

And she did so, eagerly.

Each stroke, each caress sent her higher and higher until something inside her snapped. Sarina moaned over the silken cock in her mouth, the thick length in her pussy, and came in a hot rush of cream. She was flying high into a million pieces.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth, baby,” Jackson said hoarsely as he rocked his hips and fed her his cock.

Hips rocked faster, grunts sounded above and behind her.

Jackson groaned from deep in his throat and leaned forward to kiss Jacob. That triggered some dark response in all of them. Sarina tasted the first spray of hot cum in her mouth. Her pussy quivered in pleasure as jets of cum drenched her tongue and throat.

The muscles in her sex tightened on Jackson’s cock. He thrust three more times before he shoved deep and shot his load deep into her pussy. Sarina exploded again, a scream tearing from her throat. Her sex pulsed, her thighs quivered, and a flush broke out over her body. Jackson pushed roughly against the tight constriction of her pussy, milking his orgasm from him.

Jacob slowly removed his soft cock from her mouth. She sucked the flesh back in once more making him shudder. He rubbed the slotted tip of his soft cock over her smooth lips, eliciting a groan from Jackson.

Sarina collapsed against the bed, and watched as her guardsmen embraced each other. She loved watching them together. Jackson and Jacob were mated, and they understood her situation. They broke away at the same time before coming down to her with gorgeous, happy smiles. They nuzzled her throat, kissed her cheeks, her face. She would never be with them permanently, but she was satisfied with the pleasure they gave her for now.

“Thank you both. It couldn’t have been better.” She spoke into Jackson’s strong shoulder.

“We certainly don’t mind, Princess Sarina.” Jacob grinned as he ran a hand over the curve of her ass. “But we have to go now. Back to our post before your father is back.” They stood and put their clothes back on, strapping their weapons on last.

A loud voice broke her out of her reverie.

Sarina opened her eyes and heard the slam of a door downstairs followed by her father’s growl. Shoot, shoot, shoot. She went to the mirror and brushed her bed hair. The nap she’d taken had been needed but now she was thinking she should have waited.

Three hard knocks sounded at her door. Ensuring that her outfit was straight and perfect, she lifted her chin and answered calmly.


Her father opened the door. His tall frame nearly touching the top of the doorframe, and his sky blue eyes were flat with anger. Her father was an Alpha and a King in the lykaen community. The blood in their family was passed down from a long line of royalty.

She hadn’t seen him smile since her mother was alive, and that was over twelve years ago. It no longer pained her to see him like this. Now she understood it. To lose your mate, your one true partner…well, it was no wonder she hadn’t seen him smile in so long.

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