Bred by the Alpha(2)

By: Sam Crescent & Stacey Espino

As he entered the first aisle, the cashier monitored his every move. Did she think he was there to steal? He ground his teeth, tempted to tell her to “fuck off”. Instead, he made his way through the store, collecting what he needed.

He still couldn’t get that scent off his mind. It was even stronger inside the store, perfuming the air to the point of distraction. It was delicious, a sweet vanilla that made his cock hard. He nearly laughed out loud. Having blue balls for months had made him delirious.

As he turned the corner into the produce aisle, he saw her. She was a vision, long red hair twirled up on top her head, and big green eyes. He watched her move, putting things into her basket without paying attention to her surroundings. She was the essence of a woman, with lush curves and pouty lips—and she was, without a doubt, the source of the scent.

He practically drooled as he envisioned stripping her naked and eating her until she came on his tongue. He licked his lips. Gods, he wanted her, and he would have her. Never in his life had he felt such a strong pull.

The sudden realization finally struck him, nearly bringing him to his knees. She was his mate. Could it actually be true? Was she the one sent by the gods? She was human, but at this point in his life, he didn’t give a fuck. She was gorgeous, a ray of sunshine to his darkness.

He watched her for the longest time, frozen in place at the end of the aisle. Where had she come from? Maybe dropped right out of heaven. He’d never seen her before, and he sure as hell had never noticed that addictive scent before. She had rounded hips, perfect for child-bearing. He could already imagine her ripe with their child, with his heir. Her tits were huge, barely contained under her beige canvas jacket. Liam had never wanted a woman more.


Rebecca wasn’t a people person.

Shopping at the local grocery store each week was a necessary evil. She came an hour before closing when she knew it would be empty, and the sun had set, so no prying eyes could stare at her in the parking lot.

She’d moved to the micro-town five months ago. City life was too hectic, and her therapist recommended somewhere with a slower pace. Since her editing job was an online position, she had the flexibility to pack up and move anywhere in the world. She’d stopped taking her anxiety meds in exchange for the endless miles of evergreens beyond her apartment windows. The fresh air, the quiet, it had all done wonders for her peace of mind.

The townsfolk were a different story. They loved to stare, even point, probably because she was new and hardly ventured outside. At least in the city she had anonymity.

Rebecca pulled her grocery list from her front pocket and glanced at her notes. The soft elevator music relaxed her. She needed the essentials and some fruit and vegetables. Since moving up north, she’d also vowed to start eating healthier.

She wandered up the produce aisle, glancing at the selection. Rebecca tried to imagine the meals she could make. They had fresh asparagus today, so she splurged and added it to her basket. Carrots, mini-potatoes, and Brussel sprouts would be nice sautéed in a sauce pan. She was so focused on her task that she bumped into a person.

She gasped, horrified. There hadn’t been anyone in sight before she started looking at the vegetables. “I’m so sorry,” she said. She set down her basket.

The man took a step back and narrowed his eyes as he looked her up and down. Yes, she had a lot of weight left to lose, but he didn’t have to be obvious about it. “I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’m new to town. Well, kind of new. I’ve only been here for five months.”

He smirked, a dimple appearing on his cheek.

“What’s your name?”


He glanced at her basket. “You like vegetables?”

“They’re healthy,” she said. “I’ll Google a good way to cook them up.”


She paused. Was he joking?

“I don’t come to town too often.” The man held out his basket. “But I do like to indulge myself once in a while.” He winked. There was a bottle of hot sauce, a bag of limes, and two bottles of whisky.

Rebecca cocked her head to the side. “No veggies?”