Born of Betrayal(7)

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Normally, Andarions never touched each other in public. Not even married couples. Unless they were fighting, it was their custom to keep a respectful distance from each other at all times.

A fierce, unwarranted hatred for the boy consumed him. He had no idea why he’d care or feel the jealousy inside his heart, but he did. And it wanted that kid’s head on a pike.

While Fain’s entire life had gone straight to hell after their last encounter, it was obvious Galene had been living quite the dream with her child-lover.

Galene stepped back as the medics arrived to tend Fain’s injuries.

She met Dancer’s glare. “We shall withdraw to my office, where I will contact Tadara Cairistiona immediately and inform her what has happened. If she still wants my arrest, I’ll surrender myself to her authority. Until then…” She turned her curled lip toward Fain. “I hope you die painfully of your wounds.”

And with that, she walked away.

Talyn passed one more hate-filled glare at him before he followed after her. Like a dutiful puppy.

Little fucking bastard.

Yeah, okay, huge fucking bastard, but still…

The medic let out a low, evil laugh as she saw Fain’s wounds. And especially the one at his eye that was already swelling, and burning like a mother. “I see you met the commander’s bodyguard. What’d you do? Speak to her in the wrong tone of voice?”

Fain gave the Andarion female an arched brow. “Does he do this kind of thing a lot?”

She snorted as she examined his eye. “Actually, he must like you.”

“How so?”

“You’re still breathing. He normally kills anyone who so much as grimaces in the commander’s general direction.”

Dancer sighed as Fain sat down on the stretcher and allowed them to remove his chest plate to inspect the blast wound. “I’m sorry, Fain. When you said she was a nasty piece of work, I should have listened to you. I had no idea she’d hate you this much. I thought I was the only one you motivated to this level of violence.”

Fain looked down at the bleeding wound in the center of his chest. Had he been wearing anything other than his Tavali armor, that shot would have killed him instantly. As it was, it hurt like hell and he’d be bruised for a few days, but he’d live. “I figured she wouldn’t be happy to see me again. However, I did underestimate her exact degree of hatred for me.”

“What did you do to her?” Chayden picked up the helmet Fain had been holding against his groin.

Fain swallowed hard as he met Dancer’s gaze before he answered Chay’s question. “I broke off our engagement to marry a human.”

The medic sucked her breath in sharply at his words.

As a human, Chayden had no idea what a slap that was, and what it would have cost Galene in their society. “Yeah? So?”

The medic snorted. “She must have really loved you at one time.”


“She didn’t shoot you between the eyes.”

Galene swallowed hard as the door to her office closed, and she moved to call the tadara. She’d no more than reached for the controls when Talyn finally spoke to her.

“So that’s my father.”

“Excuse me?”

He sighed heavily. “There’s no other male you’d attack like that, for no reason. Only Fain Hauk.”

Tears choked her at his emotionless tone. “If you knew, why did you attack him?”

“He came at my mother. No one does that. I don’t care who or what you are.”

She could kill Talyn for his own recklessness… which he’d inherited from Fain. “You shouldn’t have endangered yourself for me. You know better.”

He shrugged nonchalantly. “You didn’t hesitate to protect me.”

“I’m your mother.”

“And I’m your son… as you raised me.”

She was torn between the desire to hug him for that, and spank his bottom like she’d done when he was a boy. “I told you to be a doctor, didn’t I?”

He gave her an impertinent grin. “You raised me to be fierce. Like you. Not to don a medic’s robe and serve others.”

“Careful,” she warned him, “you’re not so big or old that I can’t still take you over my knee.”

He snorted derisively at her threat. “I’d like to see you try.”

She popped his butt. “Impudent boy.”

The light in his eyes faded as her link buzzed. “Is that the tadara?”

“Most likely.”

Talyn gave her a sincere look that said he would be more than willing to die for her. “I won’t let them harm you, Matarra. Not for that worthless piece of shit.”