Born of Betrayal(6)

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Only then did Dancer lower his blaster.

“Talyn,” she said gently as she ran her hand down his arm and pushed his aim toward the floor. “It’s all right.”

She felt his muscles flexing in debate before he glanced to her and let his weapons fall to the ground. The Tavali surged forward to handcuff him. Something he didn’t protest until they went to cuff her again.

Faster than anyone could blink, Talyn knocked the two guards closest to him away and used his foot to kick his blaster back into his hand. He put himself between her and the others. “One hand to the commander and so help me, I’ll fucking kill every one of you bitches!”

Fain’s gaze darkened as Talyn’s weapon went back to Dancer, who was inching toward them. With unbelievable speed, Fain attacked Talyn.

Galene’s head spun as cold terror consumed her. Both Fain and Talyn were former titled Andarion Ring fighters. And right now, they fought with death in their eyes. If she didn’t do something fast, they’d tear each other apart.

Dodging their blows, she forced herself between them, and pushed them to opposite sides.

“Enough!” she roared.

Dancer moved forward to take Fain by his arm.

Holding his chest where she’d shot him, Fain spat the blood on his lips to the ground. He glared his hatred at Talyn. “Aim at my brother again, and I’ll rip your fucking spine out, punk!”

Talyn didn’t flinch at the threat. “One hand to the commander again, and I’ll rip apart every ass here, including yours and his, old man.”

She sucked her breath in sharply at the double-edged insult. Not just that Fain was older, but to insinuate he wasn’t Andarion… it was the worst sort of slap in the face for their kind.

Fain licked at his busted lip as he watched Galene place her hand over the heart of the soldier in front of him.

“It’s all right, mi courani,” she said in a gentle tone, using an endearment that called the male soldier her precious heart. “Stand down.”

The soldier’s eyes softened as he glanced at her and covered her hand with his. Lowering his head, he brought her hand to his lips, and kissed it before he stepped back.

But not so far that he couldn’t shield her with his body again if he needed to.

Disgusted, Fain met Dancer’s gaze and shook his head. Galene had chosen quite the boy toy for herself. The kid was large, even for an Andarion. And as much as Fain hated to admit it, the bastard could fight. It was actually impressive what he’d done.

And the ease with which he’d accomplished it.

“Isn’t he a little young for you?” Fain asked her snidely.

Galene pinned him with a sneer. “I don’t think it’s any of your business who I live with.”

Fain’s jaw went slack that she’d openly admit such a scandalous relationship in front of everyone. While it wasn’t unheard of for unmarried commanders to sleep with their staff, they were usually highly discreet about it. Rarely did they flaunt it.

He scowled at her. “Well, aren’t you full of surprises?”

She raked him with a scathing grimace. “I learned early… from the best.”

He took a step forward.

So did Talyn.

Galene pushed them apart again. “Boys! Enough!”

Fain curled his lip before he dropped a potent verbal bomb on them. “You do realize that you both just attacked a member of the Andarion royal family?”

Galene gaped. “Excuse me?”

Dancer quirked a smug grin. “The tadara adopted my brother.”

Fain expected that to take some of the fire out of her boy toy’s eyes. It didn’t. Defiant and reckless, he snorted disdainfully at the news.

“Talyn!” Galene snapped before the child could speak. “Not another word. I mean it!”

He inclined his head respectfully. “Yes, Commander.” But his gaze said that he was struggling to hold back his opinion.

And it wasn’t a happy one.

Fain returned his sneer with one of his own. “I should have you both arrested.”

“Try it,” the male said with an arrogant, taunting grin. “You’ll be dead before they cuff me… If I’m going to jail again, old man, I’m going to make it count.”


A tic started in his jaw as Galene reached up, buried her hand in his braids, and forced the boy to meet her gaze. Only then did the fire in his eyes go out.

She pressed her cheek to his and whispered in his ear before she kissed his forehead. Her hand lingered on his goatee as her gaze held his a moment longer.

Finally quelled, the soldier took a step back.

Fain swept his gaze around the other Andarions here. The fact that none of their soldiers found this display odd said it all about Galene’s open affair with her second-in-command.