Boone's Baby(10)

By: Stormy Glenn

That was hot.

The sudden flush on Boone’s face was arousing but not as much as the desire burning in the man’s brown eyes. Jackie moaned softly. One of Boone’s hands slide down his stomach to the soft curve of his hip as the man explored.

Jackie grinned at the sudden inhale of breath from Boone, and he let his legs fall apart. Boone seemed mesmerized, then suddenly started looking around almost frantically.


“We need lube,” the man said. Boone abruptly leaned over Jackie, reaching for a jar of olive oil sitting on the counter. He opened the bottle and poured some out on his fingers. Before Jackie could question him, Boone put the lid back on the bottle and set it aside.

A moment later, Jackie inhaled sharply when two slick fingers slid into his ass. There was a brief moment of pain, but it quickly turned to pleasure. By the time Boone started moving his fingers around, Jackie’s cock was hard again and he was pushing back against the man’s intruding fingers.

Jackie groaned when Boone pulled his fingers free and wiped them on a nearby dish towel.

Boone slowly moved his hands down Jackie’s body, skimming his side to the curve of his ass, then down to wrap around his thigh. “Lift your leg up, Jackie.”

Jackie did as Boone directed, pulling his leg up as close to his chest as he could. He could feel himself opening up, ready for Boone’s possession. The soft nudge of Boone’s hard cock took the breath from Jackie’s lungs. Boone groaned as he slowly sank into Jackie’s ass.

He moved so slow that Jackie could feel the very veins lining the man’s cock brush against him as he was impaled. Jackie groaned as the man filled him to the brim.

Boone started moving and Jackie thought he was going to pass out. Each thrust, no matter how small or how large, sent pleasure burning through his body. He’d thought that Boone jerking him off had been pretty damn good.

This was better.

Boone’s fingers burned into Jackie’s tingling skin as he explored the lines of Jackie’s waist and hips. His lips traced a sensuous path of ecstasy along Jackie’s throat.

The man seemed to be doing everything he could to drive Jackie crazy. It was working. Jackie squirmed each time Boone thrust into him, trying to get closer. He panted, his chest heaving with each breath he took.

“Boone, please!” Jackie begged when he felt himself teetering on the edge of another orgasm.

Boone’s thrusts increased in tempo until he was nearly ramming into Jackie. He groaned when Boone wrapped a hand around his cock again. The pleasure was explosive and just what he needed to send him over the edge. Jackie cried out, his head falling back as a second orgasm ripped through his body.

Boone gripped his hip so hard that Jackie knew he would have bruises in the morning. With one mighty thrust, Boone roared out Jackie’s name as his cock swelled and hot liquid filled him.

The sudden blinding pain he felt in his shoulder as Boone’s teeth sank into him started to bring him down from his orgasm, but just as quickly as the pain came, it faded away to be replaced by pleasure so intense that stars danced in front of Jackie’s vision until they shattered into a million glowing lights.

A strong masculine scent filled Jackie’s senses, cradling him, comforting him. Boone wrapped his arms around him, adding to Jackie’s sense of safety. A warmth filled his body, radiating out until all Jackie could feel was Boone.

“Shit,” Boone whispered. “You’re my mate.”

Jackie froze before slowly lifting his eyes to Boone. Deep, bone-jarring fear filled him. “You’re a shifter?”

Chapter Four

Boone was stunned. Elated, but stunned. His mate. He was holding his mate in his arms, and Jackie was clearly a man, which was even better.

Boone frowned when Jackie started to push away from him. “Jackie, wha—”

“Get away from me!”

Boone’s jaw dropped when Jackie started striking out at him with his fists. He grabbed Jackie’s wrists and pinned them to the countertop. “Jackie, knock it off.”

Jackie stilled.

“What’s wrong with you?” Boone didn’t understand why Jackie was so upset. He should be just as elated as Boone was.

The hatred and fear in Jackie’s eyes as the man turned to look at him cut Boone to his soul. “You’re a shifter.”

“Yes, I am.” And, until this very moment, he had always loved being a shifter.

“Get off me!” Jackie started struggling again. “Get the hell away from me!”

“I can’t.” Even if he wanted to, which he didn’t. “Not until my knot goes down.”

Jackie narrowed his eyes as if he didn’t believe Boone. “Knot?”