Blissfully Undone(9)

By: Red Phoenix

“Well, then maybe you can help me. Have you ever had someone make love to your breasts?”

“Can’t say that I have.”

“Mind if I fulfill that little fantasy? You have gorgeous breasts, Jenny.”

The passion in her dream clearly influenced her answer. “I suppose you can make love to my breasts, Dan. Just be gentle.”

“Let me add a few more logs to the fire and get the lubricant.”

It involved lube? Jenny wondered what she was in for. When he returned she asked, “What are you doing with a tube of lubricant anyway? Seems a little odd.”

“Kelly and I are fairly adventurous. I always bring it with me in case we decide to enjoy a little extracurricular fun.”

Once again, Jenny felt jealous of Kelly. Ryan certainly could fuck for hours, but there wasn’t any real variety to it.

“Take off your top,” Dan instructed as he knelt down beside her. He squeezed the gel in his hand and gently rubbed it on her chest. Her nipples were already hard even before the lubricant made contact, but the coldness made her jump. “Sorry about that.” He kissed each nipple tenderly before straddling her on the couch. Dan placed his hard cock in between her full breasts. “Push them together for me,” he asked.

Jenny took each hand on either side of her breasts and pressed them against his shaft. Dan put his hands on hers and pushed them even more, so that her flesh enveloped his entire dick. “Keep it like that.”

Dan started stroking his shaft in and out of her cleavage. She watched as the head of his cock popped out and then disappeared back into her firm mountains of sexy flesh. It was visually exciting, especially when she looked up and saw the look of ecstasy on Dan’s face.

He started thrusting his hips with more force, as if he was taking her pussy. Jenny saw his cock leaking come and knew he was thoroughly enjoying the friction of her breasts. She closed her eyes, imagining his dick inside her thrusting hard and taking her deep. She unconsciously lifted her hips in rhythm with his strokes.

When he started grunting, she opened her eyes. Jenny watched with interest as Dan came. He threw his head back and started groaning. She felt her juices flow when he cried out in pleasure. Jenny opened her lips and let his come shoot onto her tongue. It was incredibly tangy to the point of almost being bitter. Dan slowly eased his dick further into her mouth and finished coming inside her. “Incredible,” he breathed, shuddering after his climax.

Dan looked down at her with a look she couldn’t place. “I am a very happy man.” He flipped his hair back before lifting himself off and moving down between her legs. “Now to make you a happy woman. I desperately want my fingers inside your pussy so I can stroke your G-spot, but I won’t. I hope your come will still be just as sweet.”

Jenny wasn’t expecting much when Dan first licked her clit. Ryan had performed cunnilingus before and she found it rather boring. She turned her head towards the fire and watched the flames dance on the wood. She was surprised when she felt him sucking on her clit. All Ryan ever did was lick it a few times. The more Dan sucked, the hotter her pussy became.

Then Jenny felt his fingers exploring her swollen lips. His light touch teased her hole, coming close but never penetrating her eager depths. She jumped a little when his index finger pressed against her anus; no one had ever touched her there before. Jenny shifted, but Dan moved with her, his finger firmly in place. “Don’t fight it, Jenny. Let me touch you. I promise you will like it,” he murmured.

He continued his sucking assault on her sensitive nodule as he slowly pushed the tip of his finger into her ass. Jenny squirmed, but he said softly, “Don’t move. Let your body get used to it.”

She lay still, her heart palpitating as his finger slowly penetrated her. There was something so primal about the invasion. Jenny was surprised it was making her even wetter.

“Good girl,” he murmured in a low voice. He started flicking his tongue over her clit, matching the rhythm as he slowly thrust his finger in and out of her anus. What had always been a boring part of foreplay had suddenly become hot and nasty.

Dan continued to stroke her ass with his finger as his tongue danced over her clit. The pressure slowly built until she felt ready to explode. Jenny pressed her clit against his mouth. He started suckling it, sending the heat throughout her entire body. This time a cold chill took over before she felt the first wave of her orgasm. Her pussy convulsed repeatedly as she came on Dan’s mouth. He pulled out his finger just before the final contraction ended.

Her thighs were trembling when she lifted her head to thank him. “That was better than I expected.”

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