Blissfully Undone(4)

By: Red Phoenix

“Oh! Well, I guess I can understand that. Her parents’ divorce did a number on Kelly. I suppose it is not too surprising she’s scared to give it a try.”

“What about you guys?”

“Ryan wants to wait until he makes junior partner. You know him, gotta have all his ducks in a row before we can officially announce an engagement.”

Dan nodded his head knowingly. “That sounds about right. He does like everything planned out.”

“Yep, that’s my Ryan!” Jenny got up and brought back a bottle of wine. “I think we deserve to drink after such hard work this morning.”

“Sure, pour me a glass while I throw another log on the fire.” When Dan came back, Jenny had taken over the couch. She lifted her legs to make room for him. When he sat down, she put her feet in his lap. “What’s this, couch hog?” he asked with amusement.

“Just wanted to put my feet up. Got a problem with that?” She lifted her glass and took a sip of merlot.

“You sounded suspiciously like Kelly just now.”

Jenny choked on her wine and sputtered. “After years of being friends, I guess she’s bound to rub off on me.”

Dan asked casually, “You ever wonder what would have happened if you and I had met when we were single?”

“Um… no.” Jenny quickly took her feet off Dan’s lap and sat up. “Why?”

“No reason.”

“You aren’t getting off that easy. You brought it up, so speak.”

Dan gazed at her with his dark brown eyes shining in the firelight. “I don’t know. We seem to click, don’t you think? I’ve always thought we’d make a good couple.”

“Where’s this coming from, Dan? We’re both taken.”

“Yeah, I know. Still, I’m attracted to you.”

“Are you making a pass at me?” she asked incredulously.

“No, just stating a fact. It’s obvious the attraction is one-sided. Don’t give it another thought.”

The Seduction

After that revelation, what else could she think about? Jenny jumped off the couch and stood next to the fireplace. Her face was flushed and she didn’t want Dan to see it. Of course she thought he was attractive. Who wouldn’t? Kelly had great taste in men and Dan was her crowning glory.

At six feet five, Dan was a striking hunk of manhood. Although he didn’t have a muscular frame, he was definitely fit. Jenny liked the adorable way his blond hair fell in his eyes when he got excited and the cute way he brushed it back with his fingers. Up to this point, she really hadn’t thought about him romantically. Well, that wasn’t quite true. She had fantasized about Dan a couple of times, but nothing serious. He was Kelly’s guy.

“Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Dan said from the couch.

“That’s okay. Like you said, we’ll just forget it. So, how long do you think it will take before the bulldozers come to rescue us?”

“I don’t know. All depends on if this blizzard was local or widespread.”

“But you said we’ll be okay.”

“Yes, Jenny. Of that, I have no doubt.”

She turned back to Dan. Even though her face was still flushed, he’d assume it was from the heat of the fire. “Okay, then I’ll try not to worry… too much.”

“Up for another game of poker? I’m ahead of you by five pretzels.”

Her competitive streak took over and she joined him in a four-hour battle. Unfortunately, she was still behind at the end, but vowed total annihilation the next day. “I think I’ll sleep out here tonight,” she told Dan as they readied for bed.

“Okay. If you can, keep the logs on the fire so we don’t freeze during the night.”

“Not a problem.” Jenny gathered her blankets off his bed and wrapped them around her as she lay on the couch. Things felt different now. After Dan’s declaration, she needed to stay clear of him for her own good. Being close would only ignite something neither of them needed.

Naturally, Jenny slept so soundly that the fire went out. She woke to Dan starting it back up. She rolled off the couch wanting to help. “I’m sorry, Dan.”

“No problem. Go back to bed. I was just freezing and figured you were asleep.” He got a roaring fire going and headed back to his room.

She knew he was cold and took pity on him. “Wait.”

Dan turned around. “Yeah?”

“Come over until your room gets warm.” She sat up and lifted the blankets. Dan walked over and she threw the covers over him. They sat there in the dark watching the fire. Jenny was exceedingly aware of his body being so close to hers. Even though they weren’t touching, she could feel the cold radiating off his skin. She moved over and pressed against him, giving him some of her warmth. It was the least she could do after letting the fire die.