Blaze (Dragon's Destiny_ Fated Mates Book 4)

By: Wolf Specter & Angel Knots
Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates


Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates

I didn’t give one single shit that I was begging, or that I couldn’t seem to form an entire sentence. My entire world had narrowed down to just one thing, and he currently had me shoved up against the door I’d barely been able to make it through and was about to make me come. I could feel every inch of him pressed against me—he was all hard planes and hot skin and a mouth that made me wonder how I’d ever survived without it—and still I needed more. I wanted him closer, craved his touch, tried to wrap myself around him so I didn’t have to give up a single point of contact.

Thank fucking God he seemed to want it too, because he had totally taken charge. Even though that had never been my thing, with him I was fucking loving it. I had zero complaints about him hauling me around and having his way with me, and neither did my dick. It was so hard it should have hurt, but I was most definitely not feeling any pain. Nope. Every inch of me was like one giant orgasm waiting to happen, and my hot-as-fuck dragon was just as hard as I was.

The way his cock rubbed up against mine was the hottest fucking thing I’d ever felt. His erection practically scorched me, burning through the pants he still wore—which needed to get gone, like, immediately—and I ground against him, cursing the separation between us but unable to make myself stop long enough to do anything about it. And Jesus fuck, I wanted his hand back on my dick—wanted it so bad I could taste it—but I also wanted his hands everywhere.

I was a walking hard-on of a contradiction. His mouth was fucking magic, and I was desperate to feel it swallowing me down the way I’d imagined, but I also had my fingers knotted in his hair, refusing to let him take his lips off mine.

I wanted to inhale him, like, live on nothing but his breath.

Which, yeah, would have sounded stupid, except it was the simple fucking truth. I needed to get him inside me in every way possible, absorbed into every cell of my body, fused into my fucking heart. And even though I felt like I’d just mainlined some kind of pure, unfiltered, industrial-strength Viagra, I also felt something else—a bubbling, giddy, happiness too big to be called anything but pure fucking joy—because after all the years of not believing, turns out he was real after all. I’d finally found him, and he was mine forever.

That’s how this shit worked.


~ Ty ~

I could hear Chay babbling on the other side of Ben and Zander’s door, and the happy baby sounds had me grinning as I raised a hand to knock. My friends’ kid was for sure one of the best things this side of the Atlantic, and if I were honest, hanging with the little guy was just as much a draw as the dinner Ben had promised to cook tonight. My phone buzzed in my pocket while I was still waiting at the door, and I crossed my fingers as I pulled it out, shifting the six-pack of beer I’d brought to my other hand.

My unit was going to be sent to Afghanistan, and for whatever fucked up reason of Army bureaucracy, the date kept getting shoved back. The last I’d heard, we were set for early September—just under a month from now—but the way things had been going, that could change at a moment’s notice. Ben had made a point of telling me I had to come to dinner tonight, and I sure as shit hoped that another last minute scheduling change wasn’t gonna make me miss out on whatever he wanted me here for.

The text was from Markham—dude always seemed to have his finger on the pulse of what was happening with the unit before any of the rest of us—and I narrowed my eyes as I swiped to open it. I knew what my duty was, and I wasn’t going to bitch about being sent where I was needed… I just hoped it didn’t have to be tonight.

Just got home… where you at? Heading to Yours tonight with Jax and everyone. Quit being a douche and join us, stranger.

Marky-Mark had a point, but even if he and Jax were the two guys in my unit that I was closest to, there were some things I just couldn’t share with them. Like why I’d been avoiding the constant rounds of bar hopping and hook-ups that were our main form entertainment while we were stuck here in Wiesbaden. My boys had both taken to giving me shit for it, but honestly, a laid-back night with my married friends and their kid sounded more appealing right now than getting drunk with a bunch of guys who were just looking for a place to stick their dicks for the night.

Through some lottery-jackpot style luck of the draw, Markham and I had been stationed together for seven years, ever since basic. Jax had transferred into our unit a couple of years later and had instantly fallen in with the two of us. By now, they were as much brothers to me as my own twin, Wes… and just like actual family, they loved getting all up in my business.

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