Beg for Me(5)

By: Natalie Anderson

He’d known the social stuff was a dumb idea but he’d been swayed after Connor had been so damn ‘understanding’ after the ‘twins’ nightmare. That old guilt had bitten, Logan had promised he’d do whatever it took to raise his public profile in a more positive manner. He couldn’t let it affect the bottom line.

Ty—his usually reliable assistant—had suggested a social media manager who’d take care of all his online interaction and presentation. The idea suited Logan, he had better things to be thinking about. Tyler already had the perfect candidate—some shiny new comms grad—and given how embattled Logan had been at the time, given how much he liked to support new enterprises, he’d agreed and it was done. His new social media ‘self’ had launched less than twenty-four hours later.

Logan was all for riding out a storm. He wasn’t up for doing the penitent man thing. He’d screwed up. So what. Everyone did. Didn’t mean he had to pay for it the rest of his life. And it was hardly the worst crime of the century.

Anyway, hadn’t the crime been committed against him? He’d not noticed the dreaded ‘twins’ filming on their phones, not known they were going to set a soundtrack to it and upload it all over the freaking internet.

Hadn’t he been doing the penitent man thing anyway? Hadn’t he hidden away? He’d been in no trouble since. Had no fun.

He winced, rolling his shoulders. There was a reason for that and it wasn’t some sense of wrongdoing. The way some women looked at him now? Like he was some Sex Master. Hideous. Didn’t they realize those women had been acting up those orgasms for the sake of the cameras he hadn’t known they were using?

Now he reread the latest mess.

She said yes! #happiestguyonearth

He might have been labelled reckless, but he wasn’t a total idiot. Who the hell was ‘she’? Where was this miraculous fiancée? Flying piglet fairies were more believable than the idea of his impending nuptials and the whole online world knew it.

He briefly looked at the stats—this post had been retweeted a billion times already. And the replies?

Logan read the first five, shut down the app and called Tyler. He answered immediately and just as immediately Logan knew his assistant had seen it. His voice rasped just the slightest as he said his name. It was the first time Logan had heard fear in Tyler’s voice in the four years since he’d employed him. It didn’t lessen his anger at all.

“What the fuck is this tweet all about?” Logan bit his teeth together and paced the length of his bedroom, trying to rein in his temper. He’d never sworn at his staff. Not even during the sex clip storm. But in this instance? Hell, he needed just the one short sharp word to vent.


“Get me that girl. Here. Now.” He didn’t want to hear excuses. He should never have let Tyler convince him. His reputation should be his own responsibility—if he was going to screw up again, he might as well do it properly and on his own terms.

“Now Logan,” Tyler repeated in that annoyingly calm manner.

“Logan nothing.” He shook his head. He wasn’t having Tyler Marano take that paternal tone with him. He was three years older than him tops and just because his wife was pregnant didn’t mean he could start acting the father-figure. “I knew that was a bad idea. I never should have let you talk me into it. I should have met her.”

“Logan, she—”

“Fucked up. Fucked up my fucked up life even more.” Fuck, fuck, fuck. Multiple cursing necessary. Just when he’d thought he was through the worst?

“We can delete it. She probably has already,” Tyler said quickly.

“No.” Logan tried not to snap again. “It’s already been retweeted a million times.” It was far too late for that. Hell, he was a trending freaking topic. He didn’t give a damn about what other people thought of him but how it impacted on his family did matter. Connor that is, not Rex. Never Rex.

The freaking sex tape hadn’t elicited a call from his estranged father. But the prospect of his engagement? It was the worst possible thing that could have happened at the worst possible time. Just when he’d felt like he could do something useful for Connor.

“Email me her personnel file. If she’s as good as what you said she was, she’ll have a fix-it answer,” Logan snapped. “But I’ll be standing at her shoulder as she types her final tweet for me. The second after it’s done she’s getting the sack.”


“Her file. My inbox. Now.”