Beg for Me(4)

By: Natalie Anderson

Logan stalked into his bedroom, sending a brief glare at the phone currently lit up and dancing over the desk like a Vegas showgirl. Damn thing never stopped. He’d only just gotten back from that damn photo shoot and he needed space for a second before yanking his game face back on.

He towelled off and grabbed some jeans. The phone fell silent. Less than two seconds later it started up again. He growled and moved closer to check the screen and see who was so determined to get hold of him. It better not be his PA giving him more grief. But the screen read Rocco.

It wouldn’t be grief Rocco would give. More likely an invitation to sin. And Logan was being saintly this week. He’d been saintly for the last three months, sixteen days and ninety-four minutes. Not that he was counting.

He watched the phone vibrate for a half second. But temptation and Logan had once been tight friends and hadn’t Logan been ignoring temptation for too long already? Maybe if he went with it, he’d want it again?

Grinning ruefully he grabbed the phone.

“Okay I give in. Is it something good?” He hadn’t had truly good in an age. Good was at least twelve months ago. He’d had nothing but mediocre until he’d gone cold turkey and donned the halo.

“This is a joke, right?” Rocco answered.

“What is?”

“This stuff all over the internet.”

Logan flopped back onto his bed, closed his eyes and sighed. “Are you still going on about that?”

Everyone had said it would die down in a matter of days. It hadn’t. How the hell had he ended up starring in a sex clip on the internet? Oh yeah that’s right, he’d gotten drunk. He’d been in a foul mood and gone to obliterate it. He’d followed an impulse and not given a damn like he was some kind of invincible man. Out of control. Yeah, that had come back to bite him. Again and again and again.

Mediocre had become mortifying.

“Not that.” Rocco said impatiently. “The girl. Who is it you’re marrying?”

Logan opened his eyes and stared up at his white ceiling. “It’s December, Roc. You’re way late for April Fool’s.”

“It’s all over the internet that you’re engaged. I quote, ‘she said yes’.”

“Who said yes?”

“That’s my question. Didn’t you tweet this?”

“Tweet what?” He didn’t ‘tweet’ or ‘pin’ or insta-update any statuses over a million social media outlets. He had some woman who—

Ah hell.

His phone buzzed in his ear. “Hang on.” He glanced at the screen.


He spoke with his brother often enough, but twice in one day? He touched ‘ignore’. He hadn’t started to talk to Rocco again when his phone did another shake and buzz—this time Xander.

Shit. There really was some crazy going down. Logan hit ‘ignore’ again and asked Rocco. “This isn’t a joke, is it?”

“It’s on your Twitter account.” Rocco answered.

What was on his Twitter account that had them all trying to get in contact? “I need to go.”

As he ended the call, another name flashed up on the screen. Logan’s blood iced. Rex? He blinked a couple times to ensure his eyes weren’t deceiving him. But no.

Logan Rex Hughes Senior was calling him. His father.

Logan grinned, though it was more grimace. First call in how many years? The last direct communication between them had been a frigid declaration—leave now and you’re not welcome to return.

Yeah well, Logan hadn’t wanted to return. Not to the house anyway. Not while Rex Hughes was in dictator mode. And Logan sure as hell wasn’t talking to the old bastard now. For the third time Logan hit ‘ignore’ but his phone wasn’t finished. Xander again. Jeez, things must be bad.

He ignored all the calls and pulled up the Twitter app Tyler had downloaded the day they’d decided to take control of his online image. In a half second his own tweet stream was loaded. The latest post was some horrendous picture of himself in the new active-wear jacket, posted less than half an hour ago. Logan winced—the jacket looked good, he looked fierce. He’d never wanted to front the clothing campaign but Connor had said he ought to he be the figurehead—make the most of his snow credentials. Logan hadn’t realized Connor meant literal figurehead, not just CEO. So he’d been fronting the campaigns since the first season, but today’s was the last for him.

But Logan felt guilty, always would where Connor was concerned. He glowered at the stupid tweet stream again. Full of inane comments about where he was going and how much coffee he’d had.