Beg for Me(3)

By: Natalie Anderson

She liaised with Tyler, his PA who forwarded his calendar and sent through any pictures that might be useful. Deciding which pictures to use and when was Min’s department. Communicating with companies who wanted him to endorse products was easy, all by email. Her comms and marketing degree was actually useful—something her mother had insisted it would never be. With her select few clients and some subtle word of mouth spread, her business was beginning to grow.

She mulled some brief-but-cool comment to append to Logan’s picture, sifting through the Twitter mentions of him as she did. She chuckled. If he read the weekly report she sent through, summarizing the cleanest mentions of him, he’d have a head the size of Jupiter.

Her headset buzzed a jingle straight into her ears. Min’s pulse skidded as it always did when someone called unexpectedly. She checked the screen to decide whether to let it go to voicemail or answer direct.

Blake Watson. Her first and favorite client. The cage fighter had helped build her business by recommending her to his colleagues. Min grinned and relaxed, flicking off the music she’d been using to block the noise from the construction site next door.

Initially she’d been nervous of Blake until she discovered he was a total teddy bear under the screeds of granite muscle. The arrangement was for him to leave a message on her voicemail every couple of days. But this wasn’t one of his scheduled update calls.

She took in a deep calming breath. Then answered softly, her response so practiced she could do it perfectly almost every time. “Min Jones.”

“She said yes.”

Min clicked a couple of screens to open up his account. “Sabrina?”

Blake’s daytime TV queen girlfriend was as smart as she was beautiful. Perfect for him.

“Yup. She said yes.” Blake answered. “I’m the happiest guy on earth.”

“Congratulations.” Min leaned back in her swivel chair and closing her eyes to concentrate on the conversation. She was pleased for him, really, if marriage was what they wanted, good for them. But it wasn’t ever going to be her thing. She’d been to more than enough weddings in her life. And seen enough divorces. She was all about independence.

“You’ll tweet it, right?” Blake asked.

“N-n-now?” Min double-checked and tried relax her throat.

“Hell yes, now.”

Min could hear laughter in the background. “You’re sure?”

Once it was out there on the internet, there was no taking it back.

“You want to speak to her?” he asked.

Next second Sabrina’s voice burst from Min’s phone.

“I’m so excited! We’re so happy!”

Min smiled. She was happy for them. This was a marriage that might actually work. Sabrina wasn’t like Min’s high-need, ultra-dependent crazy mother and Blake was an all round good guy.

“It was so romantic, Min, you should have seen him.”

“Oh?” Min relaxed and listened to Sabrina’s excited chatter. It wasn’t a conversation she needed to contribute much to—her favorite kind.

Blake’s news was the sort of thing anyone else could tweet for themselves. But Blake was single-minded and didn’t like distractions.

“How much of this do you want to be in the public domain?” Min interrupted the flow to ask softly and slowly. “Do you want to save those fine deets for a magazine deal?”

“Magazine,” Sabrina said smartly.

Min grinned.

“But let’s get the news out there, I want the world to know,” Sabrina added.

“Put it up now Min.” Blake took control of the phone again.

“Okay.” Min straightened and jiggled her mouse so her screen came back to life. “I’m so p-p-pleased for you.” She winced as she stumbled over another word, but hopefully Blake was too ecstatic to notice. She’d mostly conquered her stutter, reduced it to repeating the occasional consonant. Sometimes, when she was excited or scared, it worsened, but she hadn’t had a block—those moments of total silent straining—in ages.

“Thanks Min.” He rang off.

Min discarded her headset, leaving it plugged into her phone. Happy news was fun to tweet. She couldn’t wait to see the response. She’d enjoyed building Blake’s followers and it was easy when all she had to do was listen to him and then edit it to the best bits. She typed the tweet exactly as he’d given the news himself.

She said yes! #happiestguyonearth

She clicked the button to post the tweet and swivelled away from the computer. She’d grab something else to eat and get back to watch the congrats flood in. Screw the crackers, for this she needed something sweet.