Beautiful Moves(Shifting Steel Book 3)(8)

By: Stephanie West

We don’t need the attention, he growled.

“Did you brainless fuckers settle up at the Rusty Bucket?” Wolf demanded as he toured the clubhouse.

“Of course we did.” Vick sounded almost indignant, till Wolf raised a brow at him, and issued a subtle rumble.

Vick knew this would be his only warning. Just because they were his betas, it didn’t give them a free pass to act like douche bags, and then be disrespectful when he called them on it.

“Good, so you’ll make sure the owner doesn’t lose a cent, cause you two were acting like rabid animals?”

The two males nodded.

“Now, regarding this.” Wolf pointed to the hole in the wall. “Honestly, Tony, you had to bust a fucking wall with pipes in it. You couldn’t have thrown Vick through that one over there?”

Tony shrugged, looking sheepish.

“Well, I hope you two enjoyed it, cause you’re paying for the repairs, and anything else I think needs to happen here.”

“Seriously Wolf? The place already needed work,” Tony argued.

Wolf was in Tony’s face in an instant, fangs bared.

“As my betas, I trusted you to hold down the fucking pack while I was away. You’re lucky I don’t strip you of your status, kick your ass, and send you out there with your tails tucked,” Wolf snarled. “So, if I want you to fix this place, wreck it, and fix it again, you’ll do it with a fucking smile on your happy little faces.”

“Yes sir.” Tony shrank back, duly chastised. The betas knew they screwed the pooch big time with little stunt in front of Outsiders.

“You can start by getting rid of the furniture and tearing out the rest of the busted drywall.” Wolf didn’t bother to see if they nodded, as he stormed out of the clubhouse.

Wolf walked to his Charger and yanked open the door. First, he had to deal with his two betas, who had the nerve to show him attitude. Now, he had to go meet his neighbor, and listen to whatever line she fed him for not having rent.

Awesome day. Just another awesome day. Why am I not in Cabo sucking down tequila shots?

Wolf wasn’t a total prick; he knew people fell on hard times. But he also wasn’t a push-over. The curvy little Ice Princess, with the yippy micro mutt, might be hot as hell, but that didn’t mean shit. No doubt she knew how smokin’ she was, and used it to get away with crap all the time. Wolf had met more than a few chicks, who thought they were entitled.

Wolf’s inner beast growled at the accusation he leveled toward Little-Miss-Straight-Laced.

Forget it, he lectured his inner wolf.

His cock had done his thinking for him, one too many times, and it never turned out good. This was no different. Besides, any woman who could shut her emotions and body down, the way the Ice Princess did, couldn’t be trusted.

Yet still you’re wearing this monkey suit to impress a woman who looks like a sexy librarian.

Wolf did a double take at a chick walking down the sidewalk, as he pulled into the apartment complex.

Of course, Wolf groaned. It was none other than Little-Miss-Straight-Laced. What the hell is she doing walking in those heels? There wasn’t much in the neighborhood besides homes. Where is she coming from? Please tell me she’s not out for a leisurely stroll, wearing that? Is she so full of it that she can’t throw on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes? As he recalled, she had been wearing something similar when he first met her. What’s with this chick?

Wolf was glad his windows were tinted, as he pulled into the parking lot and watched his neighbor enter the office. It was a good sign she didn’t go rummaging through the desk.

At least she’s not a thief.

Instead, she sat nibbling on her full lip, before getting up and pacing impatiently.

She certainly doesn’t look poor. Maybe she spends all her money on fancy clothes.

Her expensive looking dress suit was a mix of professional and provocative. The tiny jacket exposed the curve of her neck, as it met her shoulder. Wolf’s canines itched as they punched down in his mouth. He salivated at the thought of taking a nip of her delicate flesh.

Her tight-fitting skirt, clung to her pert ass as she paced. She was wearing a set of black high heels, and the kind of pantyhose that had a seam running up the calf. Wolf pictured a lacey garter holding the stockings up.

God, those things should be illegal. The image of those indecent stockings and fuck-me heels draped over his shoulders, as he... Shit man, get it together, before you walk in there. What is your preoccupation with this one?

Her hair was up in a prudish bun again. It was a damn shame she forced those soft brown tresses into a knot, especially when it looked so good falling around her shoulders. Wolf recalled how she looked last night, with her loose damp hair, and the robe clinging to her curves. The thought of winding his fist in her hair and holding her head poised over his cock, had him straining in his pants. Those glossy red lips would look so good stretched around his dick.