Beautiful Moves(Shifting Steel Book 3)(7)

By: Stephanie West

Ella turned a bright shade of red. She wasn’t about to say out loud that she’d been masturbating in the shower. It was too embarrassing to dwell on.

“Ella, you dirty bird,” Sabine crowed.

Ella hid her head. She didn’t even have to say anything for her sister to put two and two together.

“Shhh,” Ella insisted as they headed toward the coffee cups. “I don’t know why I said anything.”

“Please. If these fingers keep working so well, you better believe I’ll be…”

“Sabine! Are you trying to make me have another conniption?” That was their code for Ella’s little episodes.

“You’re a prude.”

“For the love of god, don’t tell me again about losing the big V in a hospital bed,” Ella begged.

“Then tell me about hot neighbor.”

“I don’t know. Wright didn’t like him. He attacked the man’s ankle.” Ella didn’t know what to make of that.

“Really? Wright likes everybody,” Sabine smirked.

“I know. Hot biker said he was fine, and it only looked like a flesh wound. I’m just hoping he doesn’t change his mind, and call animal control.”

“You have mace, right? Just in case Wright ‘s instincts were good, and he’s a serial killer or something.”

“Sabine, you honestly think I need mace to put a man in his place?”

“Oh yeah,” Sabine snorted. “I almost forgot that time Jason tried to kiss you, and ended up with a concussion on the other side of the room.”

“Exactly. And thanks for the reminder, funny girl. I actually wanted to kiss Jason.” Ella stuck her tongue out at her sister.

“You just need to get a big ole dildo and…” Sabine said a little louder than necessary

The people at the next table looked over with shocked expressions. Ella wanted to hide under the table.

“So help me, Sabine, if you finish that thought.”

“What? They say I’m suffering from neural degeneration in the area of my brain that handles impulse control,” Sabine stated seriously.

“Bull shit, you liar.” Ella’s hand flew to her mouth in mortification after letting the curse loose.

“I know, but that was so worth it. Ella Roulant said a bad word. Oh, the horror.” Sabine’s hand covered her mouth mocking Ella, before she doubled over with laughter, nearly spilling her coffee.

Ella couldn’t help the goofy grin she wore all the way home on the train. That is until she reached her destination.

This commute just might kill me, Ella decided as she got off the train and started walking toward her apartment.

She got a good deal on her retro, peep-toe, heels. And they looked darn good with her vintage interview suit. But they were a nightmare to walk in.

Whoever invented heels should’ve been shot.

Ella sighed, giving into the impulse to use her curse. She did this trick she learned after years of wearing the torture devices to office jobs and internships. She levitated ever so slightly, not enough so she came off the ground, but just enough to ease her weight with each step. It was a life saver after a long day.

You better hustle.

Ella stayed so long, chatting with Sabine, that she would just make it back in time for her appointment with the owner of the apartment complex. Ella didn’t mind one bit, that she had to rush. It had been a wonderful day, and she didn’t get many of those with her sister. It was the meeting she dreaded. The closer she got to the apartment office, the more anxious she got. Things had gone so well today. She hoped her luck held.

Ella walked into the office to find it empty. She glanced at her phone to confirm she wasn’t late. The minutes passed and she started pacing as her anxiety grew.

Relax, Ella coached herself so her curse didn’t start acting up.

It was nearly half an hour past four when the bell on the door chimed halting her stride. Ella was miffed, until she turned and saw who entered the office. Her jaw nearly hit the floor.

Oh, just great!


Wolf tugged at the collar of the dress shirt he’d put on. He didn’t know what compelled him to put on the monkey suit.

Cause you want to impress your Hot-For-Teacher neighbor. Moron.

He should’ve known seeing the clubhouse, along with Vick and Tony, was going to have him straining to shift in his suit.

The couches and tables were pretty much destroyed, though sadly, the brain-dead duo had only helped the process along. The pack was murder on furniture on a good day, let alone when shit got hairy. It was the man-sized hole, from the main room into the bathroom, that had Wolf pissed. But even this level of carnage didn’t trump the fact, the two Shifters acted like dumb asses in public.