Beautiful Moves(Shifting Steel Book 3)(6)

By: Stephanie West

Twenty minutes later, she was standing at the nurse’s station.

“I am looking for Sabine Roulant,” Ella inquired with the woman wearing a severe mien, much like Nurse Ratchet.

“They took her down for physical therapy. It’s on the lower level.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

I hope Sabine doesn’t have to deal with her often. Most of the staff was super wonderful.

Ella made her way down to the P.T. room and found Sabine walking with the assistance of the therapist. The look of concentration on her face was inspiring and heart rending at the same time. Ella watched Sabine’s left foot drag with each shuffle forward. It was devastating to watch her sister’s slow decline.

You need to snap out of it. You’re not the one with ALS.

Sabine had some weird form of Lou Gehrig’s disease. It had started attacking her when they were barely school age. She’d been in and out of hospitals and treatment centers for as long as they both could remember.

“Hey Bella Bear.” Sabine smiled and it lit up the room.

“We’re in public.”

“So,” Sabine replied, knowing full well it drove Ella nuts when she called her that in public.

Ella rolled her eyes, then remembered the good news she’d come to share.

“You want to go to the cafeteria for coffee or ice cream?”

“Of course.” Sabine grinned, as the therapist helped her into a wheel chair, and Ella pushed her out of the room. “Are you going to make me wait to tell me?”

“I got the job,” Ella nearly burst as she announced the news.

“You did?” Sabine slurred slightly, since she was excited and exhausted from therapy. “I knew you would.”

“Yeah, they looked at my references and portfolio, then asked me on the spot. I can hardly believe the way I hit it off with the partners.”

“Bella Bear, I’m so glad.”

“The job doesn’t start till next month, but they’re sending me a letter of intent.”

“You deserve this,” Sabine beamed. “You want some other good new?”

“Sure,” Ella replied.

“Now, I don’t want you to get your hopes up, but watch.” Sabine held her hand up and proceeded to pinch each finger to her thumb, one after another, then in reverse, from her pinky to her index finger. It didn’t seem like much, but Sabine had lost such fine motor control several months ago. “I think whatever they’ve got me on is working, Bella Bear. I’ve even been feeling different. More energized somehow.”

Ella stopped pushing the wheelchair and stepped in front of her sister, tears filling her eyes. Sabine grinned wider, her eyes also misting, as Ella dove in for a hug.

“I told you not to get your hopes up,” Sabine stammered happily.

“I’ll get my hopes up if I want to. This is… Oh, my, god,” Ella warbled. “You are so stinking tough, Sabine. It humbles me how you handle any of this.”

“I’ve got someone awesome in my corner,” Sabine smiled. Her expression suddenly shifted. “Um, Bella Bear.”

“Yeah.” Ella released her sister’s shoulders.

“You need to crank it back.” Sabine pointed around the hall.

Ella looked around and her eyes widened. The magazines nearby, were hovering off the table. The clipboard was rattling in the holder on the door, and the row of seats were dancing on the linoleum. It would only take a slight push for Ella to send everything whipping about in maelstrom.

“Darn it,” Ella smirked.

She locked down on her emotions, and everything fell where it was. It truly sucked not being able to let out the full measure of her happiness in situations like this.

“Well, at least no one was here,” Sabine said with a grin that made it all better.

No sooner had Sabine made the comment, then a trio of doctors in lab coats exited a set of double doors. Ella’s mouth gaped at their near miss. She grabbed Sabine’s wheelchair and scampered down the hall, like a thief escaping the scene of a crime.

“My control has been tested a lot lately.”

“Really? Why?” Sabine asked as they turned the corner leading to the cafeteria.

“Our new neighbor is hot,” Ella blushed.

“You don’t say.”

“Like forget your name hot. And he’s a biker.”

“You better tell me everything. You know I live vicariously through you,” her sister demanded.

“He knocked on the door last night, worried I might have been hurt in the earthquake we had.” Ella tried to keep a straight face as she spoke.

“Earthquake?” Sabine asked in confusion, then her eyes widened. “Ella! What were you doing?”