Beautiful Moves(Shifting Steel Book 3)(5)

By: Stephanie West

But I better go check, just to be safe.

Just as quickly as the earthquake started, it was over. Wolf threw on his jeans and t-shirt, just in case the damage was worse than he expected and others needed help, then headed out his front door. From the looks of it, everything outside was fine. He rapped his knuckles on the door then waited. It didn’t take long to hear the shuffle on the other side of the door.

“Oh god,” Wolf heard Little-Miss-Straight-Laced mutter through the door.

His brows rose. Is she annoyed?

“Just wanted to make sure you’re okay,” Wolf said when the door cracked open the length of the security chain.

As if that little piece of metal could keep me out. Don’t worry sweetheart, the big bad Wolf’s not going to blow your house down. At least not tonight.

“I’m fine,” she said looking bewildered, as she peeked around the door.

Her long bronze hair hung in wet ringlets, framing her delicate cheeks. Wolf noticed her cheeks were flushed. His gaze narrowed on her pouty red lips, which were parted in confusion.

A seductive musky scent struck Wolf, like a punch to the gut, nearly sending him stumbling back. Except his inner beast had him taking another step forward instead.

A high-pitched growl and a flurry of motion caught his attention. Wolf looked down at his feet to see a little brown terrier, attempting to gnaw its way through his ankle.

“Wright! Shame on you,” the woman admonished the tiny terror, as she scrambled to get the door open.

Wolf growled deep and low. The sound was too subtle for her to hear, but the little mutt heard. To the beastie’s credit, instead of cowering, Wright kept at his losing battle, turning almost feral.

Wolf grinned. You’re a good boy, watching out for her. Unfortunately, you’ve met your match, pup.

“Sorry. He doesn’t usually act this way.” Little-Miss-Straight-Laced looked at him with a hint of suspicion, which quickly changed to concern when she saw Wolf’s ankle was bleeding. “Wright!” She grabbed the little mutt’s nose and looked at him sternly, quieting the pup instantly. “I’m so sorry. Look I’ll pay for any medical expenses. He’s got all his shots. I promise.”

Wolf wanted to laugh at the pouty look the terrier was wearing, until he noted the brunette’s distress. Her worry was overpowering the musky scent he’d caught earlier. No doubt she thought he’d sue her or something.

“I’m not worried.” Wolf waved it off.

“Okay, but maybe you should come in and I can get you a washcloth and a bandage,” she offered.

Her scent became lighter, and that lingering sweet musk captured his interest again. It was then Wolf realized Little-Miss-Straight-Laced was standing there in a silk robe that barely fell to her knees. The material clung to her wet skin. Wolf could clearly see the outline of her nipples, and the shadow of hair at the apex of her thighs. It would be a very bad idea for him to go into that apartment. He’d only attempt to coax her out of that robe. That was the last thing he needed to do, since he probably had to kick her out of the apartment tomorrow.


“That’s alright. I only wanted to make sure you were fine after that earthquake we just had.”

“Earthquake?” she asked in confusion.

“Didn’t you feel those tremors?”

The brunette’s eyes widened in shock then went blank.

“Oh, um yeah. I’m fine. Thank you. Sorry about Wright. If you’re okay, I need to get to sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow,” she stated, the tone of her voice turning detached.

Wolf scowled, as everything about her cooled so fast he got whiplash. He wondered what brought on the sudden change. Outsiders generally couldn’t shield their chemical emotions so effectively. And women in general tended to blossom around him. It was a curse common to all Shifter breeds. Raw animal magnetism.

“Alright, well, good night then.” Wolf said as she shut the door without another word.

“Earthquake! Seriously? I don’t believe it… Ugh,” Wolf heard her say incredulously, from the other side of the door.

Is she calling me a liar? She had to have felt that.

“What got into you, Wright? Is he a bad man?”

“Hey!” Wolf muttered indignantly. I am most certainly not a bad man. I came over to check on you, and this is the thanks I get, being called a liar and getting gnawed on. Real fucking nice, Ice Princess.

2 Feeling Out the Situation


Ella called Sabine the moment she got out of her interview. She was so giddy, she couldn’t wait. There was no answer and instantly she started to worry. Ella was a short ride from the hospital so she headed that way.