Beautiful Moves(Shifting Steel Book 3)(4)

By: Stephanie West

Just as Wolf thought he caught scent of her delicate musk, beneath her natural fresh perfume, it was gone. The little thing had stiffened up and her eyes darted up to meet his. There was fire in those hazel depths, but she smothered it.

Wolf wondered, with a chuckle, what would it take to loosen up his straight laced little neighbor?

He walked into his bedroom, unstrapped the piece holstered at his side, and set the gun on the dresser. He kicked off his boots, shucked his pants and t-shirt, then launched himself into bed with a groan.

“Oh, I missed you,” Wolf spoke adoringly to his king-sized mattress.

Weeks of sleeping in an SUV and shitty Mexican hotels, while searching for his buddy, Trip, had done a number on Wolf. Although Trip wasn’t a brother by blood, his inner beast adopted the male as if he were one of his pack. Wolf had grown quite close to several members of the Reapers M/C over the last few years.

The Reapers weren’t just a fellow motorcycle club, but a band of feline Shifters. In the old days, wolves and wildcats were at each other’s throats. However, in this modern era, Shifters had to work together to keep Outsiders from discovering their existence.

Wolf’s cell rang, and he debated not answering his sister’s call. But since Char held down the fort when he was away, he figured he best not piss her off. Her bark was not worse than her bite, both stung like a bitch.

“Hey Char, I’m back.”

“Good. Glad you made it home safe. You ready to hear what those dumbass cousins of yours were up to?”

“They’re your cousins too,” Wolf countered.

“Uh, uh. Not today. I’m ready to strangle Vick and Tony. They’re supposed to be setting a good example, keeping the rest of this rabble in line. Not raising hell. At least not in public.”

“What did they do?” Wolf scrubbed a hand over his stubbled jaw, dreading the reply.

“Those numb nuts got into a fight at a bar, over some bitch.” Char wasn’t being mean when she called the chick a bitch. She just meant the woman was a canine Shifter, instead of an Outsider or some other breed. “And they did it in front of a bunch of Outsiders.”

“Fucking hell. Did they shift?”

“No, but their growling and carrying on sent people fleeing.”

“Don’t tell me anymore.” Wolf closed his eye, ready to smother himself with the pillow beneath his head.

“Oh, but it gets better. Since no one wanted to stand up to those two betas; the meatheads didn’t realize, until it was too late, that the cops had arrived. Guess who got to spend a night in jail?”

“Son of a…” Wolf clenched his fists.

“Oh, no, no, no, dear brother, I have more. After the curs made bail, they both showed up at the clubhouse. Tony accused Vick of scratching his bike during the brawl, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the clubhouse is trashed.”

“Is that all? Please tell me that’s it.”

“I think so.”

“Thanks for the 411. I think.”

“Oh, wait. I almost forgot. Your new neighbor is already about to default on her rent. You’ve got a meeting with her tomorrow at four. Good to have you back. Bye bye,” Char said cheerfully before the line went dead.

“Seriously?” Wolf groused into thin air as he tossed his cell on the bed.

Maybe I should’ve stayed and partied with the Reapers.

Some days, being alpha wasn’t a run through the woods.

Wolf threw his arm over his face and took a few breaths. It wasn’t incredibly late, but there was no way in hell he was going to go inspect the carnage at the clubhouse. He’d let rumor circle that he was back in town, and see what things looked like in the morning.

The sound of the shower running next door caught his attention, reminding him of his other problem. Such a shame. He never pegged Little-Miss-Straight-Laced for a squatter.

The vibration that jiggled the mattress caught Wolf by surprise and he jumped out of bed. The lamp rattled on the nightstand, bouncing about till it tumbled to the floor, shattering the bulb.

An earthquake! Just what I fucking need.

None of the quakes hitting the Midwest had been this strong in the past. Wolf glanced toward the door frame of the bathroom.

Don’t they say you’re supposed to take cover in a doorway? Wolf snorted at the thought. The damn building could probably come down on his head, and he’d still walk away.

The bathroom vanity rattled on the wall, popped open, then spilled its contents onto the counter.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Wolf growled, as he watched his toothbrush tumble into the toilet.

This is not my day.

Wolf heard a muffled cry from the bathroom next door and hoped his new neighbor was okay. With his heightened sense of hearing, he was certain he would’ve heard a thud if she slipped in the tub.