Bared:Dirty Cruisers MC(87)

By: Brook Wilder

“Well, are you going to take it out, or what?” Honey breathed in her ear, distracting her even more as he nibbled on it.

“Not if you keep doing that.” She whispered, the words rushing out as lust crashed through her. It always did with him. All he had to do was touch her, a single kiss, hell, a single look from those hot, melting dark chocolate eyes of his and he had visions of teasing him to the nearest bed rising like steam in her mind.

“You keep distracting me.” The words were feather soft against her neck and she couldn’t hold in the burst of breathy laugher.

“Me, distracting you?” Elle shook her head, at least she tried to but stopped as Honey began to kiss her neck again. She didn’t want to miss even one, “I think you have it the other way around.”

“Ah, I see. I’m distracting you.”

“Uh huh. Big time.”

“Well, we could always ditch the party and go home and keep…distracting each other.” His kisses trailed up to her cheek and then back down to her shoulder, making sure to hit every sensitive spot in between.

“I would but…”

“Wait, let me guess…you promised Joel and Carla that you would stay at the party.”

“At least until dessert.” Her friend’s words had been very specific.

“Dessert, huh?” Honey said, and she could feel the grin spread across his face, “they didn’t happen to say what kind of dessert did they?”

“Honey!” Elle laughed, partly scandalized but mostly so turned on that all she could think about was getting him naked.

“Fine.” He growled, pulling away just enough to give them both a little breathing room. “Well, are you at least going to open that thing?”

“You know it is my gift, right?” Elle teased him over her shoulder but he just shrugged.

“I love a good surprise.” There was a warm light in his eye that looked more like anticipation than surprise but she turned and dug through the tissue paper until she uncovered what had been folded lovingly at the bottom of the box.

Elle gasped in shock as she drew it out, just as lovingly, sliding the soft dark leather between her fingers almost reverently.

“Is this…?” Elle trailed off, the question ending on another gasp as she held it up in front of her. She was so distracted that she didn’t even notice Hot Wheels, Carla and Joel, Tucker and Sparkplug all filing inside so she gasped again as she turned around.

“Is it really…?” She still couldn’t get out the whole question but Honey stepped forward, a proud grin on his face, answering for her anyways.

“It’s yours. Now you don’t have to borrow Hot Wheel’s anymore.”

Elle looked down at the jacket one more time, before looking around the room. Their faces were blurred by the sheen of tears in her eyes and she blinked them away because she wanted to be able to see them all, to remember this moment for the rest of her life.

“I don’t know what to say.” She finally chocked out and then there was a flurry of movement as everyone stepped forward, each taking turns giving her a hug before stepping back until only Honey was left. She smiled up at him.

“You know, I’m about the least likely member of a motorcycle…crew ever.” She slid a look at Hot Wheels before continuing, “Who ever heard of a piano teacher biker?”

“Honorary member.” Hot Wheels said with cough and a soft smile, “We do have our reputation to maintain after all.”

Another round of laughter went around the room before Honey stepped forward, wrapping his arms around her and she knew, to the bottom of her heart, that there was nowhere she would rather be in the entire world.

“Congratulations baby,” Honey whispered softly against her temple before he laid the gentlest of kisses across her lips, “You finally found your family. Now you’ll always know where you belong.”

“I know where I belong.” Elle said, staring up at him with all the love in her heart laid bare for him to see, “Right here, in your arms.”