Bad Wolf(10)

By: Jo Raven

“Joanna told me you like to pounce on girls and take them home for a quick fuck and a kick in the butt.”

I raise my brows. Apart from the fact we didn’t fuck… who the hell is Joanna anyway?

“That you like fucking them against the wall in the back of bars and clubs, like an animal.” She’s on a roll. She kicks at the bed, and I wince on her behalf. “You are an animal, Rett.”


And she came with me hoping to experience the thrill?

“Your purse,” I remind her. “And your phone. I’m not opening the door if you come later looking for them.”


Yeah, yeah. I know. “Close the door on your way out,” I mutter.

God, I need a drink. It’s too early, but fuck that—only I’m not sure I got anything left over here at home. Damn.

I stare out at the waking city and lick the bitterness of tobacco off my lips.

Good thing I have a shift at the bar later today. Suzie and David, the other bartenders, won’t mind me having a few shots behind the bar.

Yeah, I drink a lot these days.

And since last night, I can’t stop thinking about Gigi. About seeing her, talking to her, about her face, her curves, her voice. Can’t stop imagining her.

How she’d sound, moaning my name.

How she’d look, pinned underneath me.

On her knees, in front of me.



Coming on my dick. Jesus. Just thinking about her, I’m getting hard so fast I’m dizzy, and the girl I brought home last night still hasn’t left the room.

I wanted Gigi three years ago, and I want her now.

More than ever.

Three years ago, I’d jack off to fantasies of her, in her short skirt and knee-high socks and wide mouth. But fucking her was an impossibility. She wasn’t my girl, and I wasn’t even sure why she hung around me. I was a mess. For a while there I thought she wanted Sebastian.

But she kept talking to me. Touching me. Driving me insane with need.

Now it’s worse. Now it’s out of the question. Too dangerous for her.

And it’s all I can think about. Not my brother’s safety, nor Mom’s health. Not the rent, or the drugs Sebastian takes.


She appeared out of nowhere once more, taking over my thoughts, a bright spark in the dark. That first time, she vanished just as my world imploded, and that crushed me just as much as everything else that happened back then.

Can’t let her do that again.

Somewhere in the apartment, the front door slams closed. I don’t turn around to see if the girl’s gone. If she took all her goddamn things with her.

If she picked the apartment clean before leaving.

I don’t give a fuck.

Cursing, I push down on my hard-on that’s tenting my briefs and head to the bathroom to shower and throw some clothes on.

I just need to fucking stop thinking about Gigi. Chances are, I won’t see her again, anyway.

If I’m lucky.

It’s late, after I finish work at the bar, and I take out the key to open the front door of the building when Sebastian walks out of the shadows and flicks away his cigarette.

“What a bust,” he mutters.

Willing my racing heart to slow down, I unlock the door, trying to keep my cool. “What happened?” I enter, tensing as he steps in right behind me. “Girlfriend kicked you out?”

“Fuck you, Fen. And don’t change the topic.”

Passing the bag to my other hand, I press the button for the elevator. “What topic was that?”

“Jesus fucking Christ.” He shoves me aside when the elevator arrives and steps inside first. “The deal that fell through the other night, are you dense? I needed that fucking money.”

My jaw is clenched so tightly my teeth grind together. “What for?”

“What do you need money for, dickhead?” He punches me in the shoulder, and the force of it sends me into the mirrored wall, my bad knee twinging. “To buy stuff. What did you think?”

“Cool it, Seb.” He’s high, I tell myself, holding my own fists back with difficulty. Don’t punch his motherfucking lights out yet. “You got money, dude. You got paid two weeks ago for that deal you helped with. What did you do with that, spend it all on drugs already?”

“None of your business. That wasn’t enough dough.”

“What the hell do you need it for?”

“You’re such a fucking idiot,” he mutters as the doors open, and walks out. “Girls, bro. Cars. Good clothes, not these…” He tugs at the lapels of his leather jacket with a sneer. “These cheap pieces of shit. This hellhole of a place. The junk I’m driving.”

“How about a job instead, huh? A real life? You ever thought about that?”

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