Baby Number Two

By: Nina Ford

A Second Chance BWWM

Pregnancy Romance

For Adults

Chapter 1

“I can't do this anymore. It's just…it's not working out.”


Joy balled up yet another wedding invitation and tossed it across the empty classroom she was grading her sociology professor’s exams in. Angry tears welled up in her eyes as she recalled the soul crushing conversation she’d had with Dallas at breakfast that morning. In a crowded cafeteria surrounded by dozens of their closest peers, he’d expressed wanting to put an end to their four-year relationship, a revelation that blindsided her considering they were just a few months’ shy of graduating and walking down the aisle.

Serves me right for falling for a guy named after a city, Joy thought, somber and just a tiny bit bitter. They were all commitment-phoebes in their own way. Dallas just hid it well, or at least he did until he ditched her for some high school girl he’d met at one of the many parties his fraternity was known to host. That's right. A high schooler. The man couldn't get more despicable if he tried.

Joy cringed inwardly. Shaking herself from her funk, she resumed the process of trying to convince herself that none of it really mattered. That he didn't matter. That at the end of the day, she needed him about as much as she needed cancer. And maybe that's just what he was. A slowly spreading cancer that hit her heart first and everywhere else last. A lowdown, two timing, not-even-that-sexy waste of time.

Telling herself she’d be fine without him was the easy part though. It was actually believing it that was proving difficult.

Joy blinked a couple times, snatching up another invitation and hurling it at the trash. She repeated the process until her desk was clear of them, glad to be gone of the last glaring reminder of everything she’d so quickly lost.

Plus, she had to release all this pent up rage somehow, and she sure as hell wasn't about to cry. The infamous Dallas Andre might have been worth his weight in gold, but he wasn't worth her tears.

Joy’s heart betrayed her though, and she felt her eyes well up as she once-again pictured Dallas gallivanting from one football-centric city to the next with his latest prize on his arm. It wasn't fair, dammit! She’d given up the greatest years of her life for that asshole, and what did she get in return?

The overwhelming urge to hit something, and the brutal reminder that she was that much more removed from settling down and starting a family.

Joy didn't have any wedding invitations left to ball up, so she settled on plain old printer paper instead, watching with a sort of odd satisfaction as each crumpled ball bounced off the rim of the trashcan before falling in. It was nice to pretend that it was Dallas’s face even if doing so didn't really help her situation at all. That stupid, no good, lying son of a—

“Nice arm.”

A cocky voice put an abrupt end to Joy’s pity party, causing her to groan inwardly. The very last person she wanted to deal with right now was Silas Sullivan, and yet, there he was.

Joy turned to find Silas standing in her doorway with one of the balled up wedding invitations in hand and a mischievous smirk pulling at his lips. He tossed the ball casually at the trash can, his smirk widening as it went in with a nearly-silent swish.

Joy rolled her eyes and turned away from him, in no mood to deal with his obnoxious attitude. “Whatever,” she muttered, shaking her head.

Silas must have picked up on the sadness in her tone though, because when he spoke next, all traces of sarcasm were gone. “Hold up,” he said, taking a tentative step towards her desk to get a look at her face. “Shouldn't you be packing for spring break?”

“Nope,” Joy told him, her voice flat. In his defense, she was supposed to be on a redeye to Miami with Dallas tonight. The entire reason he broke up with her when he did was so that he could revoke her ticket and give it to his newest squeeze at the last minute. Chivalry, it seemed, was completely lost on him.

Silas frowned. “But you're going home with Dallas, aren't you?”

“No,” Joy said, her voice firm. “I'm not going anywhere with him ever again.”