An Alpha's Path(9)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

He spread her legs and positioned his cock against the entrance of her heat. Her eyes widened a bit and he kissed her slowly and longingly. His wolf was practically howling for him to turn her around and mount her. But the man wanted to see her face when he joined her for the first time.

He wouldn’t claim her tonight. Not officially. A bite mark in the curve where her neck met her shoulder began the mating. But he would leave his scent on every square inch of her so no other wolf could come near her without knowing who she belonged to. In turn, her honey vanilla scent already seeped beneath his skin and he never wanted to wash it off. She may not know it yet, but she was doing some claiming of her own. The fact he didn’t share with her what he was left him with guilt, but in time she would know the truth. He just hoped she would take it well.

“Wait, Kade. What about a condom?”

Mel’s wide eyes forced Kade to stop, sweat dripping down his body.

Shit. How did he explain his way out of this one?

“Damn, I don’t have anything with me. I don’t have any diseases, I promise.” His voice deepened with barely contained need.

“Me neither. And I’m on birth control.”

The thought of Mel pregnant with their young almost sent him over the edge. Their future. Their legacy.

Not that it mattered, since he wouldn’t mark her tonight so there would be no pups. Without the mark, they wouldn’t be officially mated and therefore no children.

“Are you ready, Melanie?”

She nodded and he slowly entered her. Fuck. A soft velvet heat encased him. Kade thought he was going to die from the pleasure of it and he was only partially the way in. Slowly, he rocked in and out of her pussy before taking the final plunge and sheathed himself the hilt.

Kade waited and didn’t move for a moment while she adjusted to him. This was the first time that he had made love. Yes, he had fucked his share of women throughout his hundred or so years, but this was the first time he was making love with his mate. Bliss.

When she was ready, he slowly pulled out and then leisurely entered her again. She gasped and moaned while he did his best to maintain control. Wanting to take the first time slow, Kade paced himself. Going too fast, too soon might bring out his claws. There would be plenty of time later to go crazy and fuck her brains out. As it was, he had to make sure his eyes didn’t glow when he came. Scaring her away wasn’t an option.

He made love to her, kissed her and loved her. Murmuring her name against her skin sent shivers down the both of them. His wolf came to the surface as he rode her harder, an outcome that could not be avoided. Kade quickly hid his newly formed claws underneath the mound of pillows. The sounds of fabric ripping were muted by the panting and moaning of their frenzied love making. He tweaked her nipples and then her clit and she came quickly against him. He followed right after her, utterly spent. Lowering himself to the bed, he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

“I don’t think I have any more energy.” Her voice was deep and raspy. Sexy as hell.

Kade slowly and methodically rubbed circles on her stomach and hip, her soft skin still glowing with their exertion. “We should rest and then I’m going to take you again. How does that sound?” He smiled against her hair when her body shivered against him, even though he had already pulled up the blankets over them both.

“Mmm. Okay. I think I can do that.” Her words slurred with sleepiness.

He laughed and they both fell asleep.

He woke thirty minutes later and found himself wrapped around Mel’s lush and delicious body. His cock was pressed up against her ass, and he was ready to take her again. Mmm. This was one of the most memorable nights of his life, and he knew that is wasn’t quite over yet. His palm was pressed against her stomach and slid it slowly up to grasp her breast. She gasped and rocked into his hand and against his cock simultaneously.

“Kade.” Her voice was hushed and sounded barely awake but he caressed her breast while rocking against her. He licked and nibbled his way up her neck and chin while pinching her nipples. She gasped in surprise when he tweaked them harder and bit the junction between her neck and shoulder, without leaving the mate marking he so desperately wanted to leave.

She buckled against him as he slid his hand down to her pussy and pressed a calloused finger on her clit. “Melanie. You must be so wet for me. I am going to sink my cock into your pussy to make you scream my name again. Does that sound reasonable to you?”

Mel could only nod in response while she came against his hand and he entered her in one stroke, burying himself to the hilt. She screamed his name once more while still riding the peak.

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