An Alpha's Path(8)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

“Your pink flesh is glistening for me, Mel. You are so beautiful when you come and I want to see it again.” As he spoke, her muscles relaxed, tension easing from her body. “This bud waiting for my mouth. Do you want me to suck your clit, Melanie? Do you want me to lick your seam and fill your pussy with my fingers?”

Mel wasn’t capable of speaking, so she simply nodded. A satisfied smile spread over his face, and he lowered his head to blow across her. His cool breath dancing against her warmth, made her moan again.

“Damn, I’m going to feast on you until you come, and then I’m going to eat you again. You taste like ripe strawberries ready for plucking. And I’m going to pluck and suck you until I drain you dry of every last juice. Your juices are going to run down my chin and then I am still not going to have my fill of you.”

Then he licked her from seam to clit and bit gently down when he reached her nub. Mel practically buckled off the bed and he pressed his arms against her hips to keep her placed where he wanted her. His tongue lapped up her juices, and then felt him enter one finger insider her. Mel’s inner walls clamped down on his finger.

“God, Melanie. You are so tight. I can’t wait until I can fill you with my cock and you can milk me. Move on me, ride my hand. Oh Melanie, baby, yeah you like that don’t you?” He returned to feast on her and she came again. But he didn’t stop this time as she rode her climax and began to feel the next crest on its way. He entered a second, then a third finger, and worked her pussy while his mouth was still savoring and devouring. She looked down to see his dark hair against her pale skin and smiled. He licked her again and then placed a kiss on either side of her thighs before coming up and kissing her.

She tasted herself on his tongue but didn’t feel embarrassed. Mel didn’t have enough energy to do so. Kade kissed the side of her mouth and then her temple before moving the blankets on top of them. He surrounded her with his body, and she felt his hot and throbbing cock against her hip, and she wondered why he didn’t do anything about it.

“I can’t even think Kade. Oh my God. I think I lost count of orgasms. But what about you?”

He laughed deeply against her and rubbed his hand against her side.

“I have an idea, why don’t we take care of each other at the same time?”

Her gaze widened and she moaned. This man was going to be the death of her. “I have never done that before. Okay.”

This new found sensuality in her must be a gift from Kade. She wasn’t going to stop it yet. If ever.

He sat up on the bed and knelt before her. Mel did the same and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Her eyes widened when his cock fell into her hands hard and ready.

“You aren’t wearing any underwear. Bad boy.” She got closer and licked the drop of pre cum at the head.

Kade groaned and forced her on her side. He then twisted her around so her head was at the edge of the bed then laid next to her on her other side.

Mel moaned out loud when he placed his lips directly on her clit. She was already wet and ready for him. He nipped the gentle skin of her inner thigh, then licked up her juices that ran down, escaping her heat.

Mel moaned his name and then placed her lips around his cock. He sucked her clit and worked his tongue in and out of her passage while caressing her ass and gripping her hips. The coarse hair at the base of his cock tickled her lips before she slowly licked her way up his dick to the head. Taking a breath, she put her mouth back on him, swallowed him whole, and rolled her tongue against him. He seemed to like that because he moaned and bit down on her clit in response. In turn, she moaned around his cock in an almost never ending circle of pleasure. She worked him with one had while digging her other hand into the meaty flesh of his ass. Her throat contracted around his cock as she came. Sucked harder, she gripped him firmer and his balls drew tight.

“I’m about to drop a load down that pretty throat Mel. Are you going to be a good girl and swallow it all?” At her nod with his cock still in her mouth he continued, “Damn, swallow my seed and suck harder, Mel.”

When she rubbed her clit against his face, he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all and he screamed her name.

When Kade’s still hard cock slipped from her lips, she moaned. Oh my. How could she already miss his taste? He lifted her leg and twisted himself so he lay practically on top of her without resting any of his weight on her. So considerate, her lover.


Kade’s heaven resembled a blond goddess. Her sweet honey taste still flavored his tongue. Mel’s soft, sated body lay beneath him, waiting for more. And oh, how he would deliver.

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