An Alpha's Path(6)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

Kade took a tentative step toward her and removed her wrap and purse to place on the couch in the corner before taking her hand in his.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you go take a bath and relax? I promise I won’t enter the room - unless you ask for me.” A sly smile lifted the corners of his mouth as kissed her palm. Her skin was warm against his lips. “Once you’re done, you can come back out and we can do whatever you want. No pressure.” He spread out his hands to convey his easy going attitude and gave her his best innocent expression.

For a moment, she didn’t look like she believed his face or his body language, but the words may have made a tiny chink in her armor.

“No pressure? I don’t think that will happen. But a bath does sound decadent. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken long, relaxing soak.” Her eyes brightened more and more as the idea took hold.

“Okay then, when you’re in there I’m going to order us some snacks and see what they have for movies. We can just veg out and get to know each other some more.”

Her answering smile could’ve blinded some men. “That sounds like a fabulous idea.”

She picked up her larger bag that the bellhop brought up earlier and gave him one last smile before heading to the bathroom and shut the door softly.

Kade took a deep breath of her honey vanilla scent that was more concentrated in the enclosed room and almost shook with anticipation.

He practically glided to the phone to place their orders and smiled to himself. The night may not be exactly how he expected so far, but he wouldn’t want to lose a single moment of time with his mate.


Melanie took a deep breath as she gave herself a good look in the mirror. This bathroom may be the greatest and most luxurious thing she’d ever seen, but she barely gave it a second glance.

What the hell was she doing? There was a gorgeous god standing in the room that she practically ran from. What the hell was she doing in here?

All throughout dinner, she couldn’t seem to string two coherent sentences together. She resembled acting like a ditzy, shy deer in the headlights. It was no wonder Kade was just fine with not having sex tonight. Oh, he may have said that he wanted her, but he didn’t seem to fight for it.

Oh, that was just great. Kade was considerate of her feelings, yet here she was, making him the bad guy. This whole experience made her a wreck. Maybe Mel wasn’t experienced with men, but she was experienced with meeting people and communicating with another human being. Tonight was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have wild and passionate sex with a near stranger. And oh yes, just looking at Kade, she knew it would be exactly that. She grew damp just thinking about him, and what wicked things could await her if she would just say yes.

And honestly, what was stopping her? Going through with this would leave her with an amazing and glorious memory. She needed more of those. The need to hear she was beautiful, sexy and wanted overwhelmed her. Mel didn’t want to be the “smart” one anymore. She squared her shoulders and looked at herself in the mirror once more.

Oh yes. Once through that door, the needy and long ignored woman in her was going to go out there and tell Kade to fuck her. It was what she wanted – what she needed.

Mel took a steadying breath and changed into more comfortable attire. Comfort wasn’t to be found in that slinky dress and Fuck-Me heels. If she were going to make a new memory, she was going to damn well do it in an outfit she liked. Grabbing the door handle with a firm grip, she thought about what was beyond it. The passage led to maybe not her destiny but defiantly an amazing night.

Chapter 4

Kade looked over his shoulder as the bathroom door opened. Melanie changed into a new more comfortable outfit. The top and leggings she put on did little to hide her delicious curves and only increased his desire for her. “Decided against the bath?” Kade’s breath became shallow as he watched Melanie practically prowl toward him, even as his eyebrow slightly lifted.

“Uh huh. I also decided that you sounded like a much better way to pass the time and relax me than taking a bath.” She smiled a purely seductive grin, though he could still read the hesitancy in her eyes.

He took a steadying breath and nodded. Words seem to fail him – and the wolf – at the moment.

Kade stepped toward her and brushed his knuckles against her cheek. The responding shiver brought his wolf back to attention.

“We still need to have our first kiss, Mel.” Another half step and their bodies brushed, feather light. The anticipation of what was to come proving more erotic than he ever dreamed.

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