An Alpha's Path(5)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

Mate? I think it’s time to go upstairs. Don’t you?

He couldn’t agree more with his wolf. But he didn’t want to rush her. No matter what happened tonight, they would be going upstairs – that was a guarantee. What they did once they arrived however – was up to the woman in front of him.

“You look as if you have the same appetite as me.” At the sound of his voice, her head popped up from whatever deep thoughts she was thinking. “What do you say we take a walk around the property?”

“Oh, okay. I guess I am just not that hungry tonight.” She smiled sheepishly as she set down her fork and any pretense of enjoying her food.

“Let’s go then, the check is taken care of, so we can take our time tonight.”

She smiled timidly again and grabbed her wrap and black, beaded bag. He fluidly rose from his seat and offered her his hand.

“Where would you like to walk to?” Kade, again, toned down his wolf and waited for Melanie’s reply.

“Our room?”

Her face was still stunning with the shade of beet red it became at her surprising, yet not unwelcome, announcement.

His wolf growled in agreement and preened for attention.

He gave her a smile that promised sinful and wicked deeds.

“That sounds like an outstanding idea, Melanie.”

Chapter 3

Kade led her toward the elevator through the atrium, with his hand against the small of her back. The warmth of her delicate body radiated through her thin dress and with to his wolf senses, he felt her heart pounding and her breath coming in almost shallow pants. She was aroused, but also succumbing to nerves and fear, the scent wafting from her skin. The need to reassure her pounded through his body, and even though his wolf practically begged to have her, he agreed.

Kade clasped her small, silky soft hand in his larger, more calloused one and entwined their fingers together before giving it a comforting squeeze. Mel smiled up at him and warmth bloomed in his chest. She was so small, so fragile. His.

The elevator chimed and a couple walked out. They eluded sex and drowsiness, and he wasn’t the least bit jealous. He was about to be in the same room as his mate.

As the elevator rode up to the twenty-first floor, he tried to make small talk but neither of them was interested. He chuckled under his breath, feeling like a teenager again. Too bad it was almost a hundred years since he was one.

They finally entered their room, aptly named the Dreams Room and closed the door with a resounding click behind them. The room was draped in white and cream silks. There were linens surrounding the open and airy bedroom with candles barely lit where the linens gaped open. The bed was almost bare except for fluffy white pillows and a luscious white comforter. That was good; he didn’t want his claws, if they did make an appearance, to destroy too much.

Once they both took in their surroundings, Kade led Melanie toward the center where she abruptly halted and turned around.

Her eyes were huge and she was barely breathing when she spoke hurriedly.

“I changed my mind. I don’t think I can do this. I mean it’s not you. It’s me. Oh hell!” She slapped her hand to her forehead then covered her eyes. Kade bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing. She was really too cute with her deep blush and the way she bit into her plump lip.

“I mean, you are great looking. Fabulous in fact. But I’m sure you know that. You must have woman throwing themselves at your feet in droves, but I don’t think I can do this. I don’t know why I even signed up for this, let alone tell you we should come up to the room.” If she continued to talk, she would rationalize herself right out of the room and out of his life. His wolf and he snorted silently. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

“Melanie. Calm down. It’s okay. We have this room, but nowhere does it say we need to utilize it doing any acrobatics. Well I guess we can try to do cartwheels and those backhand flip spring things that gymnasts do but I don’t think that is required either. If you want to talk, we can just do that.”

A look mixed of laughter, relief and disappointment ran across her face. Damn, her face was expressive. When they finally did go to bed together, he was going to love watching new emotions run across her face when she came.

It was her disappointment he needed to address first. One giant step and he could crush his body to hers and feast on her until she came. His blood pulsed through his veins, and he held himself still so he wouldn’t shake with desire. He had to reassure her that she wasn’t the least bit unwanted.

“Now don’t look at me like that,” Kade’s wolf growled at the thought. Fuck, if she gave the okay, he would be on top of her, his cock encased in her pussy in a heartbeat. She was fucking jaw-dropping. “If you were to say ‘let's go for it’ right now, then I would be there because believe me, you are sexy and I do want you. But I also don’t want to do anything that would scare you or that you are not ready for. We can just talk or watch a movie. We can even go for that walk we discussed but opted out of. I am really enjoying getting to know you, and I don’t want this night to end just yet.”

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