An Alpha's Path(4)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan


Oh yeah. That PhD was really shining through her vocabulary tonight.

“So tell me about yourself, Melanie Cross.” He took a drink of the water in front of him and leaned toward her as if he didn’t want to miss a thing she was saying. “Jasper told me some things, but that was just facts and figures. I want to know more about you and learn it from you.” From the way he looked at her, he must be serious.

“Well, I’m sure you got most of this from your brother, but here it goes. I’m a twenty-five year old single chemist. I just finished my thesis and am on a break before I start my next job. I’ve spent way too much time behind a lab bench, with my nose in chemical journals to date properly according to my friends. Hence, the seemingly last ditch effort in relationships known as a blind date. So here I am.” She spoke so fast that she sounded almost shrill and defensive. But she was terrified of what was supposed to take place that evening – even if according to her friend she didn’t have to see his face after tonight. Although, with a face like that, it was unlikely that she would ever forget it.

“So what about you?” She wanted the spotlight off herself as soon as possible. For a woman who could talk in front of four hundred chemistry freshman or seven of the meanest and smartest professors in the field without breaking a sweat, she was slowly going crazy and incomprehensible sitting in front of this one man. One very hot man.

“Well, I’m a contractor and architect outside the Seattle area. I live near my family and we like the woods, and lack of crowds and large population noise. I own a contracting company and mostly build residential and small businesses. Sometimes I do special projects, like you friend’s parents’ greenhouse. I don’t date all that much because I too am busy with work. I was seeing a woman for… a bit before we broke it off.” His face didn’t reveal anything but she thought she saw an odd expression flicker across his eyes before he blinked it away.

“Was it serious?” She couldn’t believe out of all the things he said that was the one thing that popped into her mind. And frankly, did she even want to know? This was a first date for crying out loud.

“It could have been, but it just didn’t work out. She is with someone else, and I am free to pursue other… avenues.” He kept pausing before some words as if he were trying to decide what to say – as if he were keeping a secret from her. Hmm...

“I’m glad, however, that things took this turn because now I’m on a date with a lovely woman.” He flashed her a wicked smile right as the waiter brought their entrees.

“Enjoy your meal, Melanie, even though you have more rabbit food than meat.”

She laughed, enjoying his odd sense of humor. They quieted while they began to eat.


A few bites in, Kade noticed that Melanie barely touched her food. Nervousness emanated from her skin. Fear even. He, on the other hand, fought his wolf to tone down their hunger for something other than their meal.

The honey vanilla scent sat across from him. His wolf was beyond pleased and ready to jump across the table and mount her.

The man however, was a little more cautious. Relief flooded him when the sweet honey vanilla scent radiated from the beautiful goddess from the photograph. He was on a blind date with his future mate. How fucking awesome was that?

His brother and Larissa were either sneaky geniuses or very lucky. They both were scary beyond all recognition sometimes, but amazing nonetheless. He owed the matchmaking duo an apology, but later. First, he had to get to know Melanie and get her upstairs. Even if they didn’t have sex tonight and only talked, he would be fine. Because they would have hundreds of years to get to the dirty fun part.

And yes, she was his mate. The mating urge rode him harder than anything he ever felt. Kade was not letting this one get away. He’d do anything in his power to make the blond pixie in front of him want to spend the rest of her soon-to-be-long life with him.

With that goal in place, his wolf subsided a bit.

Don’t screw this up. This is the one, Kade.

Kade just smiled at his wolf and brought his attention back to his date.

“Are you done eating? Or would you like some more time?”

She bowed her head again, as a cute and damn sexy blush rose to her cheeks. He wondered if she blushed like that everywhere. She was wearing a sexy black silk and lace number that only accentuated her slightly curvy figure. She was a tiny thing that he knew could fit against him just right.

He could only imagine how she would look with her pale, creamy skin against his darker, bronze skin. Watching her lashes brush her cheeks as she glanced down at her barely touched meal he knew he wanted to kiss any fears or anxiety she carried away.

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