An Alpha's Path(25)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

“I love you too, Kade. I am sorry it took so long for me to get here. But I’m not leaving. I want you too much and I want to see your world. Teach me everything.”

“My pleasure, mate, I will teach you anything you desire.” He smiled wickedly and carried her off to his room. Melanie was here, with him. Their future together would intertwine, walking the same path. It was about time.


Kade cradled her to his chest, the feel of his heartbeat against her cheek brought her home. No amount of job security or teaching could replace this.

“I love you Kade.” She knew she already said it, but it needed repeating.

“I know.”

Mel slapped his arm.

“Really” ‘I know?’ Who do you think you are? Harrison Ford?”

“Oh God, my mate makes Star Wars jokes. I think I just fell a little more in love with you.” Kade set her on his bed – their bed.

Mel gulped. “I talked to Larissa about mating and she told me a bit.” Kade looked down at her expectantly while stripping them both of their clothes. “I want you to mark me.”

His eyes glowed as he growled. “That can be arranged.” A guttural sound. His hands shifted, sliding up her bare skin sending goose bumps down her body. The cotton sheets below her cooled her overheated body, as his kissed her lips, then along her jaw down to her neck. She braced herself for the bite, but Kade lifted his head.

“Are you sure you want this?” Oh, how she loved this man, this wolf. Even now, he gave her options.

“Yes. With everything I have.”

Kade moaned before kissing her, his tongue playing with hers. She fought for breath as his mouth trailed long her neck again, and gasped has his calloused fingertips brushed and pinched her nipples. He licked the crease where her neck met her shoulder and she shivered. Anticipation crawled through her. She felt his teeth elongate before they punctured her shoulder. The tension of her skin ebbed as his teeth slid into her skin.

Mel braced for the pain, yet it soon passed as a soft flow of love and sex flooded her. Holy shit. Kade’s bite pulsated through her body, pinching her nipples and clenching her pussy. As he bit and growled, her climax neared. Kade bit harder once more and her control broke. Spasms of need and glorious warmth cascaded as she came. Fuck, and he didn’t even touch her down there.

“Mine.” One word. Yet full of possessive meaning.

Her mate removed his fangs as they slid back to their normal self.

“Yours.” Her voice deepened into a raspy tone.

Still wet and swollen from her orgasm, the head of Kade’s cock brushed her folds and she shuddered.

“I want you Melanie.”

“Now. Please.”

Kade, propped up on his forearms above her, kissed her softly. Gazes locked, he entered her in one quick thrust. She groaned as her walls clamped down on him. He practically whimpered, then reared back and slammed into her.

Each thrust brought her closer to completion as she lay underneath her mate. He reached down and drew circles around her clit and she shattered, him following soon behind.

“I love you Melanie.”

“I love you Kade.”

Though her path may be radically different than what she planned, here in Kade’s arms, Melanie found her true destiny. Forever.

The End

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