An Alpha's Path(2)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

“Miss? Are you okay?”

At the sound of a deep voice, her head shot up to look at a very handsome man. Dark skinned, with piercing eyes, he surveyed her. Oh my, is this her date?

“Oh I’m fine. Just getting the nerve to walk into the bar, to get even more nerve to wait for my date.” She winced at how fast and squeaky she spoke but really – why was she even here?

“I’m the manager, Lance Morse, let me walk you to the bar, and get you a shot of that nerve.” He winked and she smiled him.

Melanie took a deep breath. “Okay.” Wow. Surely, anyone could tell she was Dr. Melanie Cross, rather than the dumb blonde she seemed to be portraying. Or not.

He took her arm and guided her away from where she sat for twenty minutes regretting her decisions. Lance walked her toward the bar, while talking about the various hotel and resort amenities and events. She nodded while he spoke, as she felt the bar beckon her.

“Here we are. Thank you again for coming. If you need anything, feel no hesitation in asking one of my employees to assist you or ask for me by name. Enjoy your evening, Melanie Cross.”

She smiled then stopped breathing for a moment. “How…”

“Your friend, Larissa, texted me earlier to be on the lookout for a small, shy blonde by the name of Melanie Cross and you seemed to fit the description. I took a gamble.” He smiled.

Before she could respond, he winked again and walked out of the bar leaving her alone.

As she sat down, a Bay Breeze magically appeared in front of her and the bartender winked at her as he walked away. Did all men at this hotel wink? Her phone buzzed as she was just about to get freaked out.

Melanie babe, please relax. Your date should be there soon. Take a nice drink of that concoction and enjoy your evening. Oh and get laid.

Melanie laughed. Larissa possessed a one-track mind. She took a drink when her phone buzzed again.

Just remember to keep an open mind. He really is quite sweet and won’t bite. Well, only occasionally. And only if you want him to.

What the hell?


Kade Jamenson stepped into the lobby and was immediately assaulted by the delicate honey vanilla scent wafting throughout the room. His muscles clenched and he balled his fists, gaining control.


He tried to tone down his edginess, but it felt as though his wolf was trying to claw his way out from the inside.

He spoke to the wolf inside his head, “It surely smells like a possibility. But we are here for a date with a human. I am not so callous as to stand up a perfectly reasonable date just so I can follow a scent that could lead to disaster. Let me figure out this date first and then I will follow the scent if we have to. We already made the mistake of the wrong mate once; I don’t want to do it again.”


His wolf was right. He knew the woman who could be his mate wasn’t even in the room, yet her scent and the urge to join with another was stronger by far than with Tracy. Kade took a deep breath of the honey vanilla scent and his balls tightened.

Damn. This woman was potentially his mate. How could this happen the night he finally took up his brother’s, Jasper, offer of a blind date?

He quickly texted Jasper to let him know that he needed to break his date or do some major rescheduling and thinking. He couldn’t be respectful to this human woman if he was aroused by another scent. It wasn’t fair to any party.

His phone buzzed not one minute later with a response.

Kade, don’t be an ass. Just go meet Melanie and I am sure you will have your answers.

After that cryptic comment, Kade didn’t know what to think. Jasper told him, Melanie was a 5’2” petite blonde who should fit against his 6’2” frame nicely. Those liquid brown eyes that gazed up at him from her photograph, made him want to know what was behind them. That was a first for him. He might have been slightly nervous about the date but he was oh so willing and eager to meet with her. Just remembering her photo made him smile and want to see her in person. He was an Alpha male with no small amount of pride. Hell, he was the Heir to the Redwood Pack, first in line to the throne. Kade took one last deep breath of that honey vanilla scent and squared his shoulders.

He had a date with a pretty blonde.

Chapter 2

Melanie sat at her table and checked her watch. He was only three minutes late. That didn’t mean he was going to stand her up. Right? He just wasn’t a perpetually early person like her. It wasn’t evidence that they weren’t compatible.

Compatible? Gawd. She needed another drink. This was just for one night. One night only – if he even showed.

She let out a deep breath and was about to order another drink when she caught sight of an absolutely gorgeous specimen of man.

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