An Alpha's Path(10)

By: Carrie Ann Ryan

“That’s exactly what I wanted, Mel. And now when I do this I am going to play with this little puckered hole back here.” He took her juices and spread it on her anus. He slowly played with her and entered just one digit to the knuckle.

“Oh God, Kade! Oh my God! Yes!” At first she tensed at the sudden and unfamiliar intrusion, but then fell back and relaxed so his finger to slide fully in. “Did I hurt you?” He would do his best to never hurt her.

“Oh Kade. Please don’t stop. Please.” She was gasping and her words were choked but not forced. His soon-to-be-mate looked mused with those rosy cheeks of hers like she had been fucked over and over again. His lover was a vixen and she would be his. He kissed her hard fucking her mouth with his tongue when he entered her again fiercely. They continued on until they peaked and came crashing down together in a series of pants and gasps. They lay together for a moment before he extricated himself from her and rose to get a warm wash cloth. He cleaned them both up quickly before getting back into bed and pulling her into his arms.

“Get some sleep and we can talk in the morning.”

He kissed her brow but heard no response as she was already peacefully asleep. He held her in his arms and whispered into her hair, “and soon baby, you are going to be my wife and my mate. No running. Just hope.” He just needed to tell her that. Oh, and the fact that he was a hundred year old werewolf that wanted to bring her unsuspecting into his world. No problem there.

Chapter 5

Melanie opened her eyes to the early morning sun, pleasantly sore and tired. She blinked once and then again, as images from the previous night assaulted her mind. Kade was so unique and new. He touched and pleasured her in ways she didn’t even know could happen outside of the movies. She blushed as a shiver raced down her spine at the thought. His warm, muscular arm draped around her stomach and hips in an almost possessive nature and it made her smile. He was still there. Their lovemaking lasted up through the night and into the early morning, rocking against one another in the throes of ecstasy. During the brief moments between, they spoke of their lives and dreams. Kade was open and honest in most respects. He also seemed to be hiding something from her, but if she were honest with herself, she wasn’t surprised. They were only going to be together for one night. Now that night was over. That was the premise of their blind date – there were no promises, no obligations. Now it was morning and even though she could have basked in his warmth forever, she needed to get up and get out of there before she lost anymore of her heart.

And oh how she’d lost it. Kade’s actions spoke of kindness, yet he could be aggressive when needed. The man was gorgeous and amazing in bed. And he was also going to walk right out the door without her. Taking part of her with him. She took a steadying breath, slipped from his arm and out of bed, and wrapped the sheet around herself. Kade moaned and scooted closer to her edge of the bed as if missing her. Wishful thinking. She leaned down over him, and took in beauty of his sculpted features, brushing a lock of his dark brown hair from his forehead.

Gawd. Leaving him would kill her. Missing him will be worse.

As she continued to look at him, a tear in the fabric in the corner of her eye made her pause. She narrowed her focus and moved one of the pillows.

Were those claw marks? What the hell?

There were long gashes in the sheets and mattress. Her breath quickened and she took a step away.

“Don’t be afraid, Melanie. I can explain.” Kade’s deep voice was gruff with sleep.

“Explain what Kade? What the hell happened to the mattress?” She took another step away from him.

Kade slowly rose from the bed as if trying not to scare her. Too late, she was becoming pretty damned scared.

“It's going to be okay, Mel. I know I should have told you sooner but I can explain everything.” Kade stood to his full height in all his naked glory and said in a calm and collected voice, “I am a werewolf.”

Melanie laughed out loud at his announcement, yet even to her own ears it verged on hysterical.

Seriously? Who does this guy think he is? Why not just announce he’s a senator or something? That would be more believable.

“Werewolves don’t exist.”

Larissa’s words came back to her in full force and Kade’s outrageous statement began to sink in.

Just remember to keep an open mind. He really is quite sweet and won’t bite. Well, only occasionally. And only if you want him to.

Wait. Did Larissa know what Kade was? Why didn’t she tell her? Pain and hurt exploded through her. Why would her best friend do this?

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