A Warrior Wedding(8)

By: Teresa Gabelman

With a sigh, she tilted her drink to her lips and almost poured the rest of the contents down her face. Blaze sat across from her at the table. Sputtering, she wiped her chin. “Give a warning next time.” She sat the glass down, looking to see if she spilled any down her shirt.

“Sorry.” He smirked, his eyes searching hers.

“No, you’re not.” Jill also watched him closely. “What happened to your face?” He had a cut above his eyebrow with faded bruising under his eye.

“Your mate.” His tone was flat, but respect shimmered in his eyes.

This time Jill smirked. “Guess it’s a good thing you heal fast.” When he didn’t respond, she narrowed her eyes. “So, that thing you did to me is how you got your name?”

He cocked his eyebrow with a nod, but remained silent.

“Listen, I was just being a smartass. I didn’t mean to offend you,” Jill said, uncomfortable under his scrutiny. “I’ve been hanging around Sid and Jared too long. It wasn’t even a good smartass remark really. About your name I mean.”

A smile finally tilted his lips, but he still remained silent.

Jill huffed. “So did you just come in here to stare at me and make me nervous, or is there another reason?”

“I like you.” His smile disappeared slowly. “I don’t usually like anyone.”

“Ah, okay. That’s a good thing... I think.” Jill grinned and then gazed at his huge arms. “So do any of those tattoos have meaning?” She figured getting away from the subject of him liking her was safe. At least he liked her; she didn’t need this big guy as an enemy.

He only nodded.

Jill rolled her eyes. Looked like she would be doing all the talking. “I want to get a tattoo, but I don’t like pain. Did they hurt bad?”

He shook his head this time.

Well crap. “You don’t like to talk much, do you?”

Before he could answer, Sid walked in. “What the fuck are you doing in my kitchen?”

Blaze didn’t move, didn’t even look at Sid, but continued to stare at Jill. Her eyes went back and forth, finally stopping on Blaze. She leaned slightly across the table to whisper to him. “I think he’s talking to you.”

“He knows who I’m talking to.” Sid growled, slamming his hand on the table as he hovered over Blaze.

A different look shadowed Blaze’s eyes as he slowly pushed his seat back with his legs, then just as slowly stood to face Sid.

“Guys.” Jill also stood, wondering how to diffuse the situation.

“Looks like you and the doc had words.” He stared at his eye. “Didn’t learn the lesson the doc beat into you?” Sid stood nose to nose with Blaze.

“What is your problem?” Blaze didn’t back away an inch.

Jill wedged herself between them, which was no easy feat. “Yes, he learned his lesson.” She told Sid, getting between them. She attempted to push them apart...it didn’t work. “And he has no problem,” she told Blaze.

Blaze grabbed her arms, picking her up and moving her safely away, all the while staring at Sid. “Oh, he has a problem.” Blaze stopped Jill with his arm when she started back between them. “And I’m about ready to take care of it.”

“Oh, for the love of...” Jill threw her hands up, using her power to separate the two men. She tried not to grin when Blaze stopped his stare down with Sid to look at her in surprise. “Yeah, I got moves too.”

“Jill, stay out of this,” Sid hissed, digging his feet in against her power.

“No,” she replied, her Pepsi and crackers churning in her stomach. “I’m sick of you guys always fighting.”

“Who’s fighting?” Steve walked in stopping beside Jill and stared at Sid and Blaze who were glaring at each other.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jill rolled her eyes, her power slipping away. “You think you can stop asking stupid questions and help me before they kill each other?”

“Uh, no.” Steve shook his head with a snort. “I’ve stayed alive this long by not getting between huge men, and those are two big sons a bitches.” He thumbed over his shoulder at Sid and Blaze.

Jill dropped her arms in defeat, then threw them up in the air. “Go ahead and kill each other then.” She walked backward, slamming down into a chair, crossing her legs and arms. “Men. You guys are so full of yourselves, thinking nothing of anyone but yourselves. I’m sick and just used every ounce of energy I had keeping you apart, and all for what? For you guys to prove who has the bigger cock?”

“Oh, God.” Steve and Sid moaned at the same time.