A Warrior Wedding(4)

By: Teresa Gabelman

The man cocked his eyebrow before hissing as Sloan’s hand tightened painfully around his throat.

“I brought him in,” Jax spoke up, still looking at ease and not at all put out by the situation that had everyone else on edge. “Blaze is not only an ex-Warrior, but a highly intelligent shifter.”

“I wouldn’t say he’s too intelligent in the position he’s in now.” Steve snorted then stepped way back when Blaze’s eyes narrowed on him.

“You going to let go of my throat?” His raspy voice from short air supply echoed in the room. Everyone waited to see what Sloan would do.

A rare sinister smile formed on Sloan’s lips. “Not until you agree to never impersonate me or any of my men.” Sloan’s grin left his face quickly as his lip tilted into a snarl. Blaze struggled, but Sloan, even though just a bit smaller than the man, didn’t lose his grip. “And even then I’ll think about it.”

“It was his brilliant idea,” Blaze hissed out, his eyes betraying Jax.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Sloan pushed away from the man, letting his death grip go before turning on Jax. “Explain,” he demanded, walking around his desk, everyone giving him plenty of space. Jill tripped over her own feet backing out of Sloan’s way. She had never seen him so pissed.

Jax didn’t seem the least bit upset that Blaze ratted him out. “I wanted to prove to everyone how easy it is for someone to shift and impersonate any one of you. Until now, I don’t think you guys totally understood. Now you do.”

“He didn’t shimmer,” Jill pointed out. “Don’t they usually shimmer before they shift?”

Blaze snorted, but his eyes pinned her to the spot. “I don’t shimmer.” His words were hard and deep.

“And that’s exactly why I brought him in,” Jax replied. “My brother is up to something and honestly, we need more help finding him. Blaze is the best and is an ex-Warrior. He knows a lot of people in both the vampire and shifter circles. We need him and he agreed to help.”

“Ex-Warrior?” Steve glanced at the large man whose head swiveled toward him. “You get kicked out or something?”

At first it didn’t look like Blaze was going to answer, but a humorless grin curved his lips. “Or something.” His eyes went to Adam and then Jill. “So when did the VC Warriors start letting boys and women join the ranks?”

Adam didn’t say a word, but the tick in his jaw indicated he heard loud and clear. Jill on the other hand took offense, as usual. “With a name like Blaze, I’m surprised you don’t shimmer.” She rolled her eyes. “Seriously, who names their kid Blaze? You got a brother named Inferno?”

Sid and Jared smiled proudly, looking as if they were going to pat Jill on the head knowing they had taught her well in the art of being a smartass. Blaze, on the other hand, didn’t smile at all, but his eyes took on a funny swirly motion as he glared at Jill.

“Little girl, you best be careful and learn some manners before speaking of things you know nothing about.” Blaze’s lip tilted in a sinister grin as his eyes continued to swirl.

Jill became lost in his crazy gaze and couldn’t pull her eyes away. A burning heat started in the pit of her stomach inching along her spine, through her body slowly, until it reached her neck. She swayed and heard her name, but couldn’t open her mouth to respond. The edges of her sight started to darken as if looking through a pin hole into this man’s wicked gaze. In a final whoosh, her vision went black, while the heat in her body intensified, and that was all she knew.


“Jill!” Slade’s voice sounded far away. Jill did everything she could to claw her way to him, but the darkness kept a tight hold over her. “Jill, wake up, dammit.” Why did Slade sound so pissed. Was he mad at her?

Fighting hard to break out of the darkness that gripped her, Jill pried her eyes open to slits, but moaned at the brightness. “I’m up,” she croaked, licking her dry lips. “Stop yelling at me. I’m up.”

She felt Slade’s large hand as it rested against her forehead while he pried one eyelid open.

“What are you doing?” She weakly pushed his hand away.

“Hold still.” Slade’s voice was stern with a hint of worry, and that was when it all came back to her in a flash.

This time, she succeeded in pushing his hand away as she sat up a little too quickly. Everything inside her revolted at the movement and she dry-heaved herself right off the table. If not for Slade, she would have landed face first on the floor.

“Find out what that son of a bitch did to her,” Slade ordered someone in the room. She heard the door slam and realized she was in Slade’s office.