A Warrior Wedding(11)

By: Teresa Gabelman

“You’re doing the same thing?” Pam asked, her voice trembling in fear, fear she was unable to hide.

Nodding, Jill didn’t say anything because she knew she wouldn’t be able to hide her own fear.


Jill moved out of the way with Blaze’s help when Duncan ran into the kitchen with Steve hot on his heels.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Duncan slid to his knees beside her. “What happened?”

“I’m okay now.” Pam tried to smile up at him, but failed miserably. “I just got a little lightheaded.”

“Where’s Daniel?” Duncan looked around, but held tightly to her hand.

“He’s with Katrina. I came down here for something to eat.” Pam tried to sit up, but Duncan wouldn’t let her.

“Where in the hell is Slade?” Duncan growled, his eyes finding Jill.

“I’m right here.” Slade walked in, his eyes finding Jill right away. “What happened?”

Again Jill and Pam glanced at each other. “She’s sick,” Jill answered. “Like me.”

Jill could never remember seeing Slade look so bleak when she answered him, his eyes darting away from her. Okay, that was very telling. This was not good. He knew something and that something was not good news.

“When did this start?” Slade took off his leather jacket as he replaced Sid and knelt next to Pam.

“I haven’t been feeling very well for a few weeks. Real run down.” Pam glanced at Duncan. “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think it was anything.”

“You should have told me.” Duncan’s voice was gentle, edged with worry.

“You guys have been so busy with the funerals and I just didn’t feel it was important. Daniel has his days and nights messed up again so I thought I was just worn down, but then...” She looked over at Jill.

“But then what?” Duncan demanded.

“She can’t keep blood down,” Jill answered for her. Everyone looked at her, except for Duncan who continued to stare at Pam until he finally looked over at Slade.

“What does this mean?” Duncan’s face indicated he was at a loss and wasn’t happy about it.

“I don’t know, yet.” Slade frowned without looking Duncan in the eye. His focus stayed on Pam.

Jill knew Slade had an idea of the problem. His inability to keep eye contact with her was a dead giveaway. Slade always made eye contact...always.

“But I do need to take some of her blood.” Slade stood. “Can you get her to my office?”

Duncan’s answer was to pick Pam up carefully. “I can walk now.” Pam wrapped her arms around Duncan’s neck.

“No, you can’t.” Duncan ignored her protests, his love evident in the way he held her.

Jill watched Duncan carry Pam out the door, her eyes going to Slade, not knowing if she should stay or go. “Do you need help?” she asked, at a loss.

“No.” Slade glanced at everyone before his eyes came back to hers. “I thought I told you to rest.”

“I wanted to see if some crackers would help my stomach,” she answered. “And Sid fixed me some rice.”

“Which she didn’t eat,” Sid told him and didn’t look like he regretted doing it one bit.

“But I did eat some crackers and kept them down.” Jill crossed her arms around her stomach, trying to calm the churning, hoping to keep her statement of keeping it down true.

“Try to eat a little more if you can and I’ll be back as soon as I finish with Pam.” Slade walked over, placed a kiss on the top of her head, and then turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Jill watched the door shut behind him before looking at Sid and Steve, who had busied themselves with something other than watching her and Slade’s little moment. Blaze, on the other hand, had sat back down and was staring at her. Before she could say anything at all to Blaze, because in all honesty his quiet staring was really starting to unnerve her, Sid stepped into her line of vision.

“Slade is not going to let anything happen to you.” Sid stared down at her. “So get that worried look off your face and eat some rice. I just warmed it up for you.”

With a small smile, Jill nodded and headed toward her seat at the table. The warm steaming bowl of rice looked disgusting at the moment. Steve sat down across from her and openly stared. His face pinched in concern.

“You’re going to be okay, Jill,” Steve said, as if by him just saying those words it was a done deal. “We’re vampires. Nothing can bring us down, right?”

Jill nodded, her tongue feeling like it was glued to the roof of her mouth. “Right,” she replied, but her heart told her she was far from right.