A Notorious Vow (The Four Hundred #3)(98)

By: Joanna Shupe

“Yes, it would. But moving there sounds lovely.”

“Then I will do so tomorrow.” His gaze turned speculative. “How invested are you in staying for tonight’s performance?”

“Why? Are you not enjoying it?”

“I am. However, I am able to think of several things I might enjoy far more than the opera.”

His gaze turned heated and a tingle spread throughout her limbs. Still, she could not resist teasing him. She bit her lip and signed, “Such as?”

“Come home with me and I will happily demonstrate them.”

“All of them?”

He gave her a brisk nod. “Every last one.”

Excitement fluttered in her chest. “And what if I wish to demonstrate as well?”

“Then I shall fall at your feet in gratitude. What do you say? Shall we leave early?”

She rose and started for the door, pausing to sign, “I thought you would never ask.”