By: Liberty Parker


We want to thank our cover designer, Tracie Douglas, for making our vision into a reality. We love this cover HARD and look forward to working with you on many more in the future! Our beta girls/proofers/editors—we honestly could not do what we do without y’all. No flipping way. You take what we’ve written and help us polish it so others will want to read the book. And your enthusiasm for this series has kept us going.

For our fans in Liberty’s Luscious Ladies and The Clubhouse, as well as Nicole Lloyd, pimping queen extraordinaire—we appreciate each and every share and recommendation you make to others about this series.

~ Liberty & Dar


This one is no easier than the last one, but we want to dedicate “Chief” to our fans and those in #OurTribe who have believed in this partnership since we first started talking about this series. We’re thrilled that you want more of the RGMC!

~ Liberty & Dar


Turk “Chief” Dennison is the first Native American to hold the position of Chief of Police in the small town of Corinth. He’s a by-the-book kind of man, quiet and a bit taciturn. He’s also a patched member of the Rebel Guardians MC. Single, he vowed off women after his long-time girlfriend broke up with him and basically robbed him blind.

When he comes face to face with Trinity Adams the day she shows up at the clubhouse, he realizes that perhaps he was premature in his thinking. There’s something intriguing about her and the fact that she works with children means that the likelihood he’ll see her in an official capacity is good. Very good. He finds himself gravitating toward her at the events the RGMC has and while she’s polite, she doesn’t overstep the professional boundaries she’s got in place.

Trinity Adams grew up in foster care and knew that she wanted to become a social worker and help other children, like she was, get into a better situation. She’s noticed the good-looking officer, but her professional ethics keep her at a distance, which is a shame because she’s a beautiful, caring woman who longs to have someone to love.

With Trinity making monthly visits to Hatch’s house, she sees Chief frequently and laments the fact that she can’t cross the line. Everything is going well, until she gets the Cunningham case.

As Chief and Trinity work this heinous neglect case together, their feelings grow. Will she ever let go of her self-made rules and give into what he seems to be offering her? Will the ghosts of his past hold him hostage or will he bury them and make Trinity his?



If I can just make it to my backpack, I can get my phone and call for help. Whimpers escape as I try to drag myself across the living room floor. The pain is so intense that I want to throw up. Glancing to my left, I can see my little sister, Shelby, still crumpled against the wall where he threw her. I can feel the sweat pouring down my face and stop to swipe at it with my left hand because my right isn’t working well. Seeing the blood out of my half-open left eye has me biting back a scream. I mustn’t scare Shelby. Then again, if she was awake, she’d probably be freaked out seeing me. I know I look awful. He had made sure of it.

As I continue toward my backpack, occasionally stopping to keep from puking, I think about what happened when I got home from school today…

I had been humming when I walked up to the door, happy because I had gotten a one hundred on my spelling test. Hopefully, I could find some noodles or something so I could feed Shelby. At least I got to eat breakfast and lunch for free at school, but unless Shelby went to daycare, she was stuck with whatever was left. Since she had been sick that morning and he had stayed home with her, I knew she would be hungry. Unlocking the door, I didn’t immediately catch on that something was wrong until I heard Shelby cry out and then he said, “Shut up, you stupid fucking brat! You’re the reason I’m not at work today.” Seeing him standing there holding my little sister as he shook her like a rag doll, all I could think of was to stop him.

I yelled out, “Stop!” and ran toward him, swinging my backpack. The sound of it hitting him in the back stunned us both. I knew I was in more trouble than normal when he tossed Shelby to the side like she was a dirty towel and came toward me, his fists clenching. The first punch hurt, but no more or less than the others I had endured since Mom had died. After that, the blows came faster and faster, and once I fell to the floor, he added in kicks to anywhere he could reach. I heard something snap and knew he had probably broken my arm, but with the darkness closing around me, I couldn’t make myself care.