Dangerous Love(10)

By: Penny Wylder

I’m so hard that it’s difficult to kneel next to the bed. Once I’m down there though, I don’t waste any time. We only have an hour—and I intend to make her come more than once this conjugal visit. Not just because that will win me this game, but also because part of me has started to enjoy it. I want her to come back again. I want to drive her wild with lust, make her crazy for me… and then I plan to use that to get back at her father once and for all.

I grab Ashley’s ankles and pull her down the bed toward me, in one swift motion, until her ass hangs at the edge, and her pussy is right in front of me, close enough that when I blow gently on her skin, she shivers and tightens her thighs, reflexive.

“Ah ah. Keep those legs wide open.” I grin up at her. She glares back, but pushes them back open again. “That’s right. I’m just getting started, Ashley, so you might as well lie back and enjoy the ride.” I lean down and gently bite her inner thigh, just above her knee. She gasps faintly. I chuckle, mouth against her soft, smooth skin, and begin to kiss, bite and suck my way up her leg. At the crease where her thigh meets her hips, I press my tongue into the divide, at the same time reaching under her body with my hands to grip her ass tightly, massage it in both hands. Her skin feels so soft and smooth against my calloused palms that it nearly sends me over the edge. That, combined with her taste, salty and sweet on my lips, is driving me fucking crazy.

And I haven’t even reached her pussy yet. I lick and suck and bite my way up her other thigh, leaving marks behind—let her try to explain those to any boys she might have waiting at home. I don’t care. I reach the edge of her pussy and let my tongue trail along the crease, slowly, teasing. I glance up at the same time, and find her eyes locked on me, her chest heaving as she arches her back, limbs quivering.

“Ready to beg for release yet?” I ask, making sure my breath blows hot against her pussy lips as I speak.

She laughs, though I notice it’s through gritted teeth. “Never.”

I grin. “Good. I’d hate it if you were easy, Ashley Marrón. Because I’ve been looking forward to making you scream all week.” With that, I spread her pussy lips with two fingers, my other hand still gripping her ass tight, and lean down to slide my tongue along the length of her slit.

She gasps, a soft, helpless sound that makes my cock throb against the confines of my jeans. I run my tongue up her slit, slowly, and right at her clit, I circle the tip of my tongue, pressing just hard enough to elicit another louder cry before I trace my tongue back down between her lips. I don’t push it into her pussy, not yet. I just savor the taste of her, that sweet tang that drives me wild, and trail my tongue back and forth, back and forth.

Before long, I’ve gotten into a rhythm, licking and sucking her clit every few strokes, never for long enough to get her close to the edge, just enough to make her swell with desire. She’s soaked by now, more juices leaking from her pussy every time I go back in for another slow lick. Her hips start to buck up against me too, and I pin her down with both hands. Then, when I think she’s ready for it, I press the tip of my tongue into her tight little pussy.

This time I get a full-blown moan in response, complete with her back arching and her head falling to the side, mouth open. She’s almost there. Almost right where I need her to be.

“You like that Ashley?” I murmur, pausing to stroke her pussy with my fingertips instead, tracing that same path up and down her slit, circling her clit with my thumb, pressing gently, too gently to actually make her come. Yet. “You like having my tongue inside your pussy? You like being here spread across my bed—the bed of a prisoner, a con man? You’re a dirty girl, Ashley. Filthy, in fact.” I press my finger against her pussy entrance. “You want to come for me, don’t you?”

I can see it written all over her face, but she sets her jaw, stubborn, and narrows her eyes at me. “I’m not begging.”

My grin widens. “Not yet.” I press my finger into her, just the very tip, just an inch inside her pussy. Even so, she gasps, and I can feel her tense around my digit, her pussy tight and swollen. “But I’m just getting started, my dear. And you… well…” I press that finger deeper, going an inch at a time. She writhes against the bed, unable to help herself, though her mouth stays clamped firmly shut. “You seem like you haven’t come in a very long time. I think you need this. You need the release. You need to be able to have some fucking fun, don’t you, dirty girl?”

Her reply is drowned out by another long moan as I thrust a second finger into her pussy.