When Eric Met Sarah (A Short Story) - A book by Frank Provo(8)
Author:Frank Provo

    Whileshe was in the bathroom, he decided to use the phone that had beenslipped under the door. Mayas well keep them at bay a little longer,he thought.

    Heselected the telephone icon, tapped the speed dial option, andpressed “1-Det. Mays.” A stoic voice picked up on the other end.“This is Detective Mays. Thank you for calling, Mr. Jones.”

    “Howdo you know who I am?” he answered back.

    “That’snot important right now,” the detective replied. “How’s thegirl? Is she safe?”

    Heconsidered his words carefully.

    “Y—Yeah,yes, she’s safe. I—I haven’t harmed her.”

    Thedetective asked to speak to the woman. He didn’t know how torespond to the man’s request, so he kept the phone pressed to hisear without saying a word.

    “Mr.Jones, don’t make me repeat myself. I need you to put her on thephone,” the detective said firmly. “I need to know for sure thatshe’s OK or I won’t be able to keep these SWAT guys back.”

    Heshook his head and sighed. I’min over my head,he thought as he reached out and rapped his knuckles against thebathroom door.

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