When Eric Met Sarah (A Short Story) - A book by Frank Provo(6)
Author:Frank Provo

    Theneighborhood was right out of LeaveIt to Beaver.Two-story homes with large yards flanked each side of the street.Canopies of leaves from the tall western red cedar trees hung overthe sidewalks. Every other driveway had a minivan parked in it. Upthe street, a yellow school crossing sign suggested this was a goodstreet to raise kids.

    Instincttook over. Spooked by the cop car that was screeching to a haltbehind the wreck, he ran up the concrete path leading to the house.“Hey, help me!” he shouted, banging his fist on the door. Heforgot what the woman had said when she opened it. He rememberedshoving past her and slamming the door shut. And he remembered thehorrified look on her face as he pulled out the Smith & Wessonand told her to keep quiet.

    CHAPTER2: Introductions

    Helooked at the phone in his hands. There was a sticky note affixed toit that read, “SPEED DIAL: 1.” They wanted to talk, but he knewthe conversation would be one-sided. Letthe girl go and surrender. When do you want us to kill you?He saw no way of talking himself out of the situation.

    “M-m-maybeyou should hear what they have to say,” the terrified woman in thecorner whispered. Her gray slacks were wet. She had urinated onherself.

    “Please!Please, just don’t say anything right now,” he barked at her. Shejumped and turned away, tucking her knees even closer to her chest.

    Hehunched against the wall and used the barrel of the gun to peel backthe drape a little ways. There were five or six cop cars out there.Barricades had been setup. An armored van was parked on theneighbor’s lawn across the street. Men in blue uniforms wereeverywhere, along with a few wearing black vests and helmets. Itlooked like the whole God-damned Seattle police force was out there.

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