When Eric Met Sarah (A Short Story) - A book by Frank Provo(32)
Author:Frank Provo

    About the Author

    FrankProvo lives in the Midwest with his wife, two obnoxious finches, andan occasional guinea pig, Actual guinea pigs—That's not a euphemismfor the test subjects that he locks up in the basement. Those arejust test subjects.

    Hegrew up in the seedy underbelly of Seattle, Washington during the1980's and 1990's: The time of The Green River Killer, Nirvana, andMary Kay LeTourneau. Many of his stories are set in the Seattle areaand tackle subjects that may prove too intense for sensitive readersor for those that have been on the wrong end of a violent crime.

    However,he has been known to pen an all-ages adventure caper from time totime. Remember how Judy Blume wrote all those children's books andthen published Wifey? Frank's body of work is the reverse of that: agaggle of Wifeys with one or two Fudges sprinkled in.

    Influencesinclude: Stephen King, Douglas Adams, C.S. Lewis, Ayn Rand, RaymondChandler, Eric Nylund, and many, many others.

    Hisbibliography primarily consists of short-stories. His current projectis the GuiltyDispleasuresshort-story series, which takes a cold, hard look at people caught upin not-so-nice situations. Each fast-paced story delivers action,love, violence, steamy sex, and unexpected twists meant to titillateand disturb the reader. These stories may be triggering to somereaders.

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