When Eric Met Sarah (A Short Story) - A book by Frank Provo(10)
Author:Frank Provo

    Shehad on a tight yellow shirt that was straining against herhandful-sized breasts. He never was very good at judging a woman’schest, but he was one-hundred percent sure she wasn’t wearing a braunderneath.

    Inlieu of her soiled gray slacks, she had changed into a flatteringblack lounge pant that emphasized her firm, round bottom. Sheprobably wasn’t a runner, but she clearly kept in shape.

    Itdawned on him that it had been a long time since he had spent thismuch time in the same room with a woman—longer still with a womanas attractive as her.

    Heled her back to the living room and asked her to take a seat on thecouch. He collapsed into the plush chair next to it.

    “So,Miss... uh, what’s your name?”

    Shelooked up, inhaled, and struggled to speak. “Sarah,” she saidfinally. “Sarah Elliot.”

    Heforced a half-hearted smile.

    “I’mEric. Eric Jones. And I’m very sorry we met this way.”

    CHAPTER3: Eric’s Story

    Erictold Sarah about the robbery, the botched getaway, and the crash thatled him to her front door. He apologized to her profusely, multipletimes, for involving her in his blunder. To his surprise, she wasn’tangry with him. Her hysterics had calmed significantly since they hadexchanged names (and she was allowed to change into fresh clothes).

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