Trapped - A book by Kris Shamloo
Author:Kris Shamloo

    Trapped by KrisShamloo

    Copyright 2010 KrisShamloo

    A note from the author:This short story was the source of the idea for my novella, BlackTie (hence why the theme and style are so similar). I promise todrop the amnesiac cliché for my next piece.

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    It’sbeen some time since I woke up in the room. Well, it feels like ithas been. My room is usually ten paces by ten paces square, and whatappears to be the same height. It always seems to be a perfect cube.The walls, ceiling, and floor are made of the same uniform whiteplastic material with slightly more give and bounce than one mightexpect. There are no identifiable marks in my room, not even on theceiling. There are no light fixtures in my room; the light seems tosimply come through the surfaces. I usually sleep in the corner. WhenI awake there are always two large white bowls in the center of theroom. One is filled with a white liquid similar in taste to milk, yetslightly thicker. The other is empty and I use it to defecate andurinate in.

    Myawake periods are spent exercising and meditating. I’ve becomequite adept at simple gymnastics movements such as pushups, handstands, flips, and jumps. I have tried many times to mark the wallsin such a way as to keep track of how many times I’ve slept, but Inever can. My fingernails and hair have stopped growing or aresomehow being trimmed without my knowledge. I cannot give you anaccurate assessment of how long I have been in my room, I estimate Ihave fallen asleep six hundred times now but I cannot be sure. Thetemperature is comfortable despite my lack of clothing.

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