The Whack Job - An Eamonn Shute Short Story(8)
Author:Tony McFadden

    “Not so much. The vic was dead. The M.E. hasmade a preliminary estimate of the time of death.” She looked up athim. “Around 1:00 this morning.” She squatted by the body. “Ready?” Eamonn nodded and squatted beside her. She lifted theside of the sheet away from the crowd, exposing the victim to onlyher and Eamonn’s view.

    Eamonn sagged. “Steve.” Steve Sheppard’snaked body was heavily bruised, long welts across his torso, bruisesaround his neck, face and forearms.

    “So you do know him?”

    He nodded “Steve Sheppard. First guy I metwhen I moved here a couple of years ago.”

    “When did you see him last?”

    “Last night, close to 11:30, about threeblocks south on Collins. We had just left a club. I offered to givehim a ride home and…”

    Detective Jones was writing in her notebook. “Whoa. I think we need to talk to you in a bit more detail. Nothere.” She checked her watch. “Can you come by the station intwo hours? Around 11:00. I should be back by then. I need to helpwrap things up here.”

    “Where’s the station?”

    “Washington and 11th. Sorry for your loss Eamonn, and I’ll see you in two hours.” Shedropped the sheet, stood and escorted him back to the crime scenetape.

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