The Whack Job - An Eamonn Shute Short Story(7)
Author:Tony McFadden

    Eamonn held out his hand. “Eamonn Shute,ma’am.”

    She smiled. “You’re kidding. Really?Aim-n-Shoot?” She shook his hand. “I’m Detective ShirleyJones. And I thought I got laughs with my name. Your parents musthave really disliked you.”

    “It is spelled E-a-m-o-n-n S-h-u-t-e. A goodIrish name ma’am. And me ma loves me.” He smiled. “But backto what I was saying…”

    “Okay, first, for God’s sake, stop callingme ma’am. My hair’s not in a bun. Shirley will do. And second,why do you think you know the victim?”

    “The ring on his left pinky finger. It’s ajade signet ring. I have a friend with a ring just like that. It’spretty unique. I’d be surprised if two males of roughly the sameage, race, hair style and body size would own that specific ring.”

    Detective Jones looked at the large Irishman fora couple of seconds, then at the covered body on the beach. Shrugged. “Okay. Let’s go see. Follow me.” She held up the crime scenetape. He still had to almost double over to get under it.

    “When was the body discovered, Detective?”

    “We got a call about three hours ago from awake boarder out here for some early morning fun. Thought he hit alog. It was the back of the victims head.”

    Eamonn winced. “Ouch.”

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