The Smuggler's Wife - A book by Veronica Catherine Laine
Author:Veronica Catherine Laine

    TheSmuggler’s Wife


    VeronicaCatherine Laine


    Abigal ignored theringing phone. Surely it was another collection agency. If theycould afford it, she would get caller identification so she wouldn’thave to take the chance of missing a personal call. This call willjust have to join the others on the answering machine, only to meetthe sure death of the delete button.

    But this call wasdifferent. A man’s voice in heavily-accented English wanted tospeak to her husband. He sounded gruff, bordering on threatening. After he hung up, she replayed the message once, twice.

    “Jesse said youaccepted our offer, so we are expecting our first shipment within tendays.”

    Jesse? That couldonly be her brother-in-law, Emilio’s younger brother. "Whatare those to up to?" she thought idly.

    Within minutes,Emilio walked in with the disappointed look on his face that Abigalwas becoming accustomed to.

    “No luck, huh?”she asked, trying to act casual.

    “No. No one seemsto be interested in hiring an unemployed, Mexican immigrant lawyer.”

    Abigal wrapped herarms around him, nuzzling her face into his neck. He embraced herbriefly, and then pulled away.

    “How were themonsters?” he asked.

    “The same,” shereplied. “The seventh graders were wild, as usual. The good newsis that I had a chance to email out some resumes to a couple ofpublic schools. The pay is nearly double what St. Mark’s pays.”

    Emilio strolled overto the desk and pressed the “play” button on the answeringmachine. The gruff voice spoke again.

    Emilio stared at themachine for a moment, then abruptly turned and walked out of thehouse.

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