The Murder(10)
Author:John Hansen

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    Now you have read the all three flash fiction stories in thistrilogy, including the shocking conclusion. You want to read more bythis author, don’t you? Well, don’t worry. John is currentlywriting a humour story about a book television network along withmany others. Keep an eye on his author page for that. He will keepyou posted. John will set a date for it’s release soon...

    John is also currently querying agents regarding his first novel,Down by the Bay, complete at 76,000 words. Whatever theoutcome – if it is commercially published or published onSmashwords, he plans to inform you of where you can get a copy of it.Here is a brief blurb about the novel:

    Nobody breaches the sick minds of killersbetter than SFPD detective, John Harris. It's like he eats murderersfor breakfast and psychos for lunch without any need for anti-acids.But when his office secretary is found dead with a zodiac signtattooed to her forehead, John’s coolness goes out the window. Andas more and more die, the murders become a matter of personal revengeand John unknowingly embarks on a deadly cat and mouse game with aserial killer where the line between predator and prey is blurred andpsychological warfare is the most powerful weapon. But is John reallythe cat? Maybe this time he is the unsuspecting, feeble mouse…

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