The Long Snapper(9)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    “Ialready answered questions. I want to go home.”

    “There’ssomething I’m not clear on,” Karen said from the door. “Maybeyou can help me on it. Your mother told me your husband works thenight shift alone, every other night with your brother Paul. Thatright?”


    “Canyou sit up, please, Mrs. Nikolaou?” Hank asked.

    Natalieuttered a long, ragged sigh and sat up, blinking her red-rimmed eyesat Hank. She had her father’s looks, the same pudgy groundhog face,straight fair hair and heavy build.

    “Youhusband worked the shift alone,” Karen repeated, with a slight edgeto her voice. “Right?”

    Natalielooked at her. “Yes.”

    “Sowhat were you doing in the store in the middle of the night? Is thatsomething you do on a regular basis, go in when he’s working?”


    “Sowhy tonight?”

    “Idunno. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I wanted to talkto Kostas.”

    “Somethingin particular you wanted to talk about?”

    “No,just talk. I was lonely.”

    “Youhave any kids?”


    Hankwaited, but that was it. Just the single, toneless word.

    “Youlive with your parents, do you?” he asked. When she nodded henodded back, as though to encourage her. “How was that workingout?”

    “Okay.We had a little suite in the basement. It was nice, I guess.”

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