The Long Snapper(7)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    “That’sfine,” Hank said. Beacon Drive, the location of the Bering Heightsdistrict police station, was only a few blocks away.

    “Let’sgo visit,” Karen said.

    Atthe Beacon Drive station they began with the victim’s wife’sparents, who were waiting in separate interview rooms. Hank took thefather and Karen took the mother.

    “Youpeople need to let us go home and do whatever it is you do to getthat bastard put in prison,” Nick Bell growled at Hank as he closedthe door and introduced himself. “We’ve already told the copseverything we know. What more do you want?”

    “Justa few questions,” Hank said, making an effort to be patient eventhough it was four o’clock in the goddamned morning.

    “Thatbastard killed my son-in-law right in my own store.” Bell was ashort, chubby man who looked like a middle-aged groundhog. “Theysay he’s some kind of professional athlete, but I don’t give adamn. He’s going to pay the price for what he’s done to myfamily.”

    “Wherewere you when this happened, Mr. Bell?”

    “Iwas in bed, asleep with my beautiful wife where I’m supposed to be.Kostas works the night shift the first and third weeks of the monthand my son Paul the second and fourth. Now I’ll have to findsomebody else.”

    “Sowhat happened?”

    “Nataliestarted pounding on our bedroom door,” Bell said, “yelling thatKostas was dead and the guy what did it was still in the store. Igrabbed my gun from the drawer beside my bed and went out with her.”

    “Thestore’s connected to the house.”

    “That’sright. You go through a door in the kitchen into what used to be thegarage, now the stock room, then through another door into thestore.”

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