The Long Snapper(5)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    Hankfrowned. “You mean the vic’s wife subdued a football player?”

    “ThatI’d like to see,” Karen laughed. “Apparently he gave himselfup. But their stories don’t match.”

    “Theynever do.”


    “Whichplayer is it?”


    “Neverheard of him.”

    “Yeah.Me neither.”

    TheBuyNRun Mart convenience store was only a block from the expressway.It was an extension built onto a two-story frame house on a blockthat also featured a muffler place, a fast food joint, and a stripmall with the usual tenants including a dentist, a medical appliancestore, a dress shop, a liquor store and a take-out restaurant.

    Karendouble-parked in front of the convenience store and they wereprocessed into the crime scene. Hank looked at the body of KostasNikolaou, 29 years old, tall and bony, handsome Mediterraneanfeatures, black hair well-groomed, white shirt and black trouserssoaked with drying blood, dark eyes staring at nothing, lying behindthe counter at the front of the little store. Dozens of red footstepsled to and from the body, some large and some small, on both sides ofthe counter and on the floor to and from the door at the back, whichled to what Hank figured was the stock room. Apparently Kostas haddrawn a lot of traffic.

    “Thisdump was the only place open,” explained Sergeant Jeffries, theshift supervisor, resting his elbow on a rack of potato chips. “Thesuspect says he came off the expressway looking for coffee and camein here. According to the witnesses, the vic must have opened thetill to charge for the cup of coffee and was stabbed with one of theknives from that display next to the register. Crime scene alreadybagged it.”

    Hanklooked at a cardboard display of EZEE Fold Knives. There were about ahalf dozen of them left, priced to sell at $29.99. They were whatwere known as assisted-opening knives, where the user pressed arelease mechanism and nudged the blade out with slight pressure.Anyone with a thumb and a quick wrist could make it look like aswitch blade with minimal practice.

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