The Long Snapper(25)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    “Didn’toccur to the stupid fuck that Peterson would have to empty hispockets and the cash he was supposed to have taken wouldn’t bethere.”

    “Peopledon’t think in a situation like that,” Hank said again. “He wastrying to protect his daughter.”

    “Yeah.”Karen sighed. “The knife’ll have Peterson’s prints because hepulled it out.”

    “She’llhave to admit she did it,” Hank said. “We can pretty much becertain that Peterson didn’t do it, but I doubt we can prove shedid. She’ll have to talk. The father won’t.”

    “She’lltalk,” Karen shrugged. “Dumber than sludge. Her hubby wasprobably steppin’ out on her, given that Greek kisser of his. Sheprobably found out and couldn’t sleep, went out to squeeze his nutsand just lost it. She’ll tell me all about it, eventually.”

    Hankleaned back and closed his eyes again.

    Thistime she let him doze, waiting until she was coasting down the rampinto the sub-basement parking garage beneath police headquartersbefore she reached over and whacked him lightly on the forearm towake him up.


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