The Long Snapper(10)
Author:Michael J. McCann

    “Howdid Kostas feel about it?”

    “Okay,I guess. Why do you want to know this?”

    “Anytrouble between the two of you?” Karen asked.

    “No!”Natalie’s face screwed up and the tears began to flow. “I don’tunderstand why you’re asking this stuff. That guy stabbed Kostasand you’re asking me all this stuff that don’t make no sense!”

    “Tellus what you saw,” Hank said. “Start from the beginning, when yougot out of bed and went to talk to your husband. You were in yourbedroom in the basement, that right?”

    Natalienodded, pawing at her eyes.

    Hanktook a handkerchief out of his pocket and gave it to her. She waddedit into a ball and pressed it to each eye socket.

    “Soyou came upstairs,” Hank prompted. “You were going to walkthrough the kitchen into the stock room and through the stock roominto the store. That right?”


    “Anyoneelse up? Your parents? Anyone?”

    Sheshook her head. “Momma and Daddy were asleep. There’s no oneelse.”

    “Soyou went through the kitchen door into the stock room, right?”


    “Couldyou hear anything coming from the store?”

    Shefrowned at him, not understanding.

    “Youwere walking through the stock room,” Hank said patiently, “onyour way into the store. The door into the store was wedged open,wasn’t it?”

    “Idon’t know, I guess so. I don’t remember.”

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